What a Happy and Healthy Relationship Looks Like

Believe it or not, love and communication are not always enough to make couples stay together. There is more that goes into creating and maintaining a healthy relationship. Here are some of the things you need to understand what should be enough for the two of you to stay together:

Take your relationship deeper by choosing books to read together as a couple, having shared experiences, and having thought-provoking talks as a pair.

Using Communication to Get Back on Track

There is no relationship, even if it’s a friendship that can proceed without conflict. However, good communications help relationships get back on track, communication represents the relationship’s ability to self-correct and that’s why it’s the most crucial factor in a healthy relationship.

For this to happen you need to make sure that you are preemptive so that your partner can easily talk to you when there is a problem. The communication also needs to be consistent and avoid restricting the communication to only when trouble arises. You also need to be honest of you want to build trust in your relationship.

Always Start With Trust

Always Start With Trust

If you want the relationship to succeed you should make sure that the foundation of your relationship is trust. When there is no trust in a relationship, a vicious circle is created. When there is a breach of trust or lack of trust in a relationship, the relationship because scarred and almost impossible to repair.

Gauge Using Intimacy

In the psychological community, intimacy usually stands for sex, however, it tends to mean more than that. Intimacy is more about the ability to communicate in an interpersonal and unique level with your partner, friend, or even family member.

However, in romantic relationships, sex is one of the major factors of a relationship’s health and happiness. Even though healthy sex doesn’t mean you are in a healthy relationship, it is an indication of other positive things that may be going on in the relationship. Plus it has some benefits in itself.

If you and your partner’s sex life is not where you want it to be, you should use it as a starting point and figure out what part in your relationship you want to change for the better.

Your Core Values Need To Be Aligned

When we talk about core values, there are particular things you just wouldn’t want to tolerate in your partner. They are mainly your non-negotiable beliefs. It could be a matter of ethics, a matter of having children, or a matter of politics. Whatever it is, it is definitely something you just can’t stand.

You need to find a partner who shares your non-negotiables because if you don’t, you will always feel as though you are compromising on your values. However, it is also important to remember that not all beliefs are ingrained in stone. If you can hear each other out, you might find yourselves with fair compromises.

Always Maintain Commitment

When relationships are grooming, very little commitment is required. Everything is bloomy and most people don’t expect that things could go wrong. When couples come down form commitment highs, hey tend to lack commitment to each other.

Commitment is when you are willing to stay with someone through times when fun is no longer there and when it is not easy to do so. Long-term relationships that are successful, always know how to weather such periods.

Commitment is much easier when you learn to appreciate the person for who they really are and not for their salaries. You need to make sure that the commitment to your partner is healthy by keeping a perspective on their qualities and not putting them above your happiness.

You also have to be sure your partner is committed to you because it is one-way street. Because otherwise if you are staying committed to someone who isn’t committed to you, you are wasting your precious time and you will eventually break your own heart.

Nurture Your Vulnerability

One of the best things about being in a relationship is the ability to share yourself with another person that you can’t be able to share with someone else. This is the reason why boyfriends are always looking for sweet things to say to their girlfriends and vice versa.

One of the reasons why we even enter in relationships is so that we can be able to confide in another person about all the big and small things of your life. Your willingness o be vulnerable is what makes your partner able to share intimate details.

However, it also has to be a two-way street. You and your significant other should be able to develop an ability to be easily open and also accept, respect, and also nurture the other person’s openness. Vulnerability is all about the positive and reciprocal cycle.

Make Sure There is A Balance Between Independence and Dependence

Being able to rely on one another is a sign of strength, and without that the relationship can stagnate. However, just like everything else, there has to be a balance. Too much independence is just as tiring as too much dependence.

With too much independence, one of the partners will feel overwhelmed, while without any dependence, none of you will feel like they are part of a team. Two people in a relationship have a responsibility to make sure that there is balance between relying excessively on your partner and not relying on them at all.

Keep Friends and Family Around

People tend to overlook this feature because at the beginning of a new relationship, friends and family are not involved. You and your partner got to know each other and started to form a strong relationship. However, there comes a time where you have to meet those close to your partner.

How you fit into your partner’s family and friends is very crucial and most people tend to overlook that. You need to make sure that you can tolerate hose in your partner’s life and that you can get along with them.


You need to check and see if your relationship meets all the above factors. Problems between you and your partner can be more troublesome if you and your partner are not aware of these things.