What Are Block Puzzle Games


When it comes to playing games, people have different preferences. Some like to play adventure or survival games that challenge their adrenaline rush and others opt for brainstorming games. But there is another group who wants to play puzzle games. The block puzzle games help them to make their brain work harder than usual. There are a lot of block puzzle games that you can play on your Apple or Android smartphone. 

When you start looking for block puzzle games, then you will find tons of them. Keep in your mind that not all the games will be worth playing. Even though some of them are scams on Play Store and they will only waste your time and damage your smartphone. Also, find out here the most popular video games from the 90s

What Are Block Puzzle Games?

Block Puzzle 

Block Puzzle

One of the best puzzle games for Android and iOS users. It is inspired by the classic and popular block puzzle. Once you start playing this game, it will never stop. 500 levels are starting from the easiest and ending at the most difficult. 

The free Block Puzzle app offers you an online version where you can play anytime and anywhere. This game brings excitement and helps you to kill your time or when you want to relax. The simple rule of the game makes it easier to play. All you have to do is to drag the blocks and make a shape. When they are filled vertically or horizontally, they will disappear. 

To check and compare the score with other players across the globe, you can check it on the leaderboard in the game. It is a safe game that even children can play it. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic 

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic, developed by Kristanix Games, is the first game that breaks your brain. There are over 10,000 puzzles in different categories. Interestingly, you can create puzzles from your photos through this app. All you have to do is to find the best photos in the gallery and complete the puzzle. If you love puzzle games, you should not be missing this app. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic takes you on a journey around the world where you can see beautiful landscapes, visiting amazing places, experience different seasons without leaving the room. There is a wide range of functions in the game such as stunning HD-Quality photos. Every day, you can enjoy a new puzzle game with 11 difficulty levels such as 625 pieces to complete. 

Roll The Ball 

Roll The Ball

Your IQ is in high demand in this game. Roll The Ball, developed by BitMango, is a great game for lovers of traffic jams and mazes. Roll The Ball is inspired by the classic tile puzzle but with a modern twist that challenges your brain. In the game, you have to slide the tiles to unblock the path for the steel ball.

Not only it teases your brain, but this game also improves agility. This game improves hand-eye coordination. Roll The Ball comes with various modes that provide more excitement such as multiplayer. On the other hand, this app can be annoying because of ads. To avoid ads during the gameplay, you can upgrade to a paid version. 

Unblock Me Free 

Unblock Me Free

Unblock Me Free is one of the best time-killing puzzles. It adopts the classic puzzle gameplay that is loved by puzzle game enthusiasts. Also, it helps to improve the cognitive skills and problem-solving skills essential for the brain. 

It is small in size but powerful at solving puzzles. When you want to give your brain a few exercises, Unblock Me Free can be a great option. There are 4 different modes in the game such as Daily, Multiplayer, Relaxation, and Challenge with 180,000 puzzles. 

To enhance the game experience, Unblock Me Free offers various features like a game tutorial, daily rewards, puzzle packs, themes, etc. The best thing about this block puzzle game is that it is suitable for all ages. 

Puzzle 100 Doors 

Puzzle 100 Doors

A room escape game can be a great alternative if you don’t want to play the classic block puzzle games. Puzzle 100 Door is a different experience to improve problem-solving skills. You have to escape from the house and complete the puzzles. 

The gameplay is that you are trapped in a mysterious house and the only way to escape it is to solve the puzzles. There are many challenges in the game such as hidden objects, jigsaws, logical puzzles, and many more. There are 100 doors and each comes with a different challenge. 

Stunning graphics and high-quality sounds enhance the gaming experience. To make sure that you don’t get bored of this game, it offers constant updates. As it is a free game, you can play it without an internet connection too. 

Block Hexa Puzzle 

Block Hexa Puzzle

Block Hexa Puzzle is one of the most popular and the best puzzle games for puzzle enthusiasts. It can be one of the best time-killing games. It improves geometric skills and spatial intelligence. The game features a unique hexagonal piece that breaks your brain than the rectangular and square blocks. To complete each level, you have to adjust each piece in the shape. 

This game can be a new addiction because of the colorful hexagonal pieces. There is no time limit in the game, it means that you can take your time and complete each level. All you have to do is to block and place it on the grid frame. 

The difficulty level in this game is that you cannot rotate the hex blocks. Thousands of unique levels can be fun to play and improve your skills. 

Love Poly 

Love Poly

Love Poly is a new puzzle game to make your free time more exciting. If you want to challenge your brain but don’t want to push it too hard, then Love Poly can be a great choice. In the game, you have to rotate the puzzle piece and combine them into a work of art. To stimulate the brain of your children, it is an ideal puzzle game. 

The low to medium difficulty level and colorful puzzles allow the players to find the right angle of each piece. Also, there is no time limit, so you don’t have to rush to solve the puzzle. There are tons of 3D puzzles to solve. When you complete a puzzle, a beautiful work of art appears on the screen that is suitable for all ages

To keep the players engaged, different background music enhances the gameplay experience. Hence, it is a simple and relaxing block puzzle game. 

Block Puzzle Games – Brain Storming Games

The block puzzle games are not only for time-killing but also for brainstorming. These games help the players to improve their cognitive and problem-solving skills. From Jigsaw puzzle games to escape room puzzle games, you can play them easily with your family or friends and even children. Some games are easy to play where you don’t have to push your brain too hard and just pass the free time. 

Sometimes, you get stuck on one level because of difficulty levels in the game. As a result, your anxiety might get triggered but there are walkthroughs of all games to solve this problem. For example, if you want tips and tricks to score more on blockudoku, you can look for them on the internet and score more than usual.

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