What are Good Paints for the Industrial Industry?


The industrial environment experiences daily wear and tear and exposure to physical and chemical agents. For these reasons, it is critical to choose the best industrial metal paints and coatings when performing a painting job. You want to achieve the optimum finish, resistance, and a paint job that can stand the test of time. When choosing the right industrial paint, you must consider several things. Knowing the suitable paints available and their characteristics are probably the first step in selecting the right industrial paint. Read on to discover the good paints for the industrial industry.

1. Alkyd Paints

Alkyd paints are made from alcohol and acid and come in different types. The primary purpose of these paints is to decorate and protect metal exposed to a relatively mild environment. They have different properties, but their water-resistant properties are not that good. As such, it is recommended to use these paints above water. The drying process of alkyd paints is also temperature-dependent. Benefits of alkyd paints include;

      1. ·         Easy application
      2. ·         Excellent wetting properties
      3. ·         Good adhesion to the surface and good penetration
      4. ·         Good leveling properties

2. Vinyl Coating

These coatings are used as industrial coatings in chemical plants, refineries, and tank farms. Vinyl coatings are physically drying and easy to apply by airless spray, brush, and roller. You can use a vinyl coating to provide the following means of protection;

      1. ·         Abrasion and scratch resistance
      2. ·         Fire and heat resistance
      3. ·         Insulation against the flow of an electric charge
      4. ·         Sealing ability and wettability
      5. ·         Improved physical appearance and aesthetics
      6. ·         Corrosion resistance
      7. ·         Resistance against general wear

3. Nitrocellulose Paints

Nitrocellulose is one of the oldest resins used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes. These paints played a significant role in the development of industrial paint. They are easy to apply, have fast-drying and high-performance finishes. Nitrocellulose paints have several advantages like;

      1. ·         High solubility in organic solvents
      2. ·         Compatible with different resins and plasticizers
      3. ·         Odorless
      4. ·         Transparent
      5. ·         Fast drying

These paints are sensitive to moisture, and this is why drying time is essential.

  1. Polyurethane Paints. These coatings are presented as 2-component paints; the base can be a polyol, while the catalyst is a polyisocyanate. Once mixed, these components react to form a polymer that results in a film that combines different aesthetic, physical, and chemical characteristics. Polyurethane paints tend to have a high solid content, creating a thick and durable film. These paints are highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. They also offer high versatility in different industrial applications.
  2. Epoxy Paints. This is one of the most widely used industrial coatings. Epoxy paints offer a balanced performance for various industrial paint jobs. This is because they have excellent protection features against corrosion, impact, and abrasion. Epoxy paints also have a fast drying time and exceptional adherence to different materials and surfaces. They also offer good water and chemical resistance and are durable.

These are a few excellent industrial paints that can get your paint job done and prevent damage to industrial equipment.



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