What are some trendy types of pants


High waists, cuts above the ankle, accentuated curves and wide shapes are some of the dominant trends for this summer.

Flowy, with darts, prints, with an executive stripe, jeans, flowy, with a bell, midi length, wide, tight, ankle-length – There is so much variety of pants in a current fashion that sometimes we have a hard time finding the ones that go best with our style or those that favor us the most.

If you are interested to know about the what are some trendy types of pants available in the market, let’s find out:

In addition to the straight cuts that are being worn again in jeans, chinos, and dress pants, these are the trend shapes this season that cannot be missing in the wardrobe.


They are those pants that are characterized by a high waist, with a midi length (approximately mid-calf) and a wide leg from the hip. Although we will find many options in fluid and summery fabrics, this season the denim version of the culottes is a trend, so they cannot be missing from our suitcase.

Due to their versatility, they are ideal both to combine with high-heeled shoes and sandals, in more formal outfits, and with platforms, flat or sports sandals.


The “mom” style pants, which have been a trend for several seasons, are identified by their high waist, relaxed fit, and ankle length. This means that although it slightly flatters the figure (the rear is partially tight) and fits at the waist, its design is comfortable and very wearable.

Despite what its name may “a priori” evoke, this “retro” style pant cut is compatible with other trends such as ripped and washed dyes in the case of jeans, as well as prints and tweezers.


This trouser design is one of the novelties of the season, once again, retro-inspired which you can wear with crop shirts. And it is that the “flare” pants evoke those flared pants that in the 90s were worn with a low waist, but, this time, with a high waist. Thus, it is a tight cut from the waist to the knee, from where the bells are marked.


One more year, these comfortable and stylish pants are back. We are talking about the “slouchy”, that cut of pants that is cinched at the waist and ankles, to create a baggy effect on the legs based on darts.

It is a versatile style of pants that, depending on what footwear we combine it with, can be worn on one occasion or another. Thus, it is a perfect cut to wear with high sandals in summer, but also with platforms, flat shoes, and, of course, sneakers.


Skinny-fit pants are also another of the winning options for this season. They are tight, long above the ankle. They are worn both in dress designs, with stripes, as well as jeans, elastic knit, plain, or printed, depending on the “look” and the occasion.


These pants are perfectly distinguished because they usually have mid-calf pockets. Many of them are adjusted to the waist using a cord or a belt. As a novelty, this season they are worn above the ankle with tight and elastic hems. Especially attractive are the cargo pants made with fluid fabrics, which can be combined with mid- or high-heeled sandals for a special style.

High waist shorts

The shorts are worn, one more summer, with a high waist, well marking the hips and the butt. Depending on the trends, we will find them with a gathered hem, with rips in the case of “denim” fabrics, or with a “washed” effect.

Beyond the denim shorts and two piece sets of pants, this season we will find them in fresh fabrics such as linen and cotton, but also with innovative options such as crochet or ribbed.


They are pants inspired by oriental bloomers and would be something like the evolution of the “slouchy” fashion. since their forms are more pronounced. They are characterized by being wide and include a well-fitting, gathered, mid-rise “paper bag” elastic waistband.


This season no clothing brand has not launched its line of comfortable or sportswear. Also for the summer, this type of clothing is imposed, including joggers, in a flowing style, with an elastic waist and cuffs at the bottom.

Sweat Pants

For sporty looks. whether we do sports or not, short-type sweatpants and classic 90s bikers are once again the preferred options. And both, especially cycling pants, can be combined with other street clothes to achieve more original looks.

Finding the perfect pant that makes you look good

Finding the perfect pant that makes you look good

Finding the perfect pants that make you look good and comfortable is a task that requires certain knowledge. Here’s how to take advantage of your body shape.

Pear-shaped: Girls with this figure generally have smaller waists and wider hips. It is recommended to wear pants at the waist because they will make your figure look better. Prefer the boot cut and dark colors, so your legs look longer.

Apple-shaped: They have thinner legs and a smaller butt, but more weight around the waist. You’ll want to balance your shape, elongate your torso, and show off your legs. Look for skinny, mid-rise waist jeans that are plain in the front, without much embellishment. Straight-cut jeans will be your best option.

Carrot shape: Women with this shape have thin legs and waist, as well as a small butt. You’ll want to balance your shape with mid-rise or high-rise jeans, with pockets and details around the hips. Light colors are ideal to help you balance your shape.

Curvy Shape: Curvy women tend to be more proportionate in terms of the equal bust and waist measurements. You’ll want straight-cut pants, which lengthen your legs and create a more balanced shape.

Straight Shape: A straight body means narrower hips, a less defined waist, and a small butt. Women with these characteristics fit almost any pants and prefer low or medium cuts. Skinny or boyfriend-type models will be the best options.

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