What are the average charges for stealing a car


Motor Vehicle theft or car stealing can be described as a criminal act that is occurring when someone is attempting to stealing a motor vehicle. Research shows in the year 2012, an average of 229 motor vehicles has been stolen per 1 lakh inhabitants.

Chevrolet Impalas is the most stolen car in history. In the last few months, I have received several emails from my friend that they want to know the “charges for stealing a car.” In this discussion, we will try to discuss this topic in detail so that you can make a clear concept about it.

What should be the average punishment for stealing a car?| Charges for stealing a car

If an inactive vehicle was theft which is under $1500, then the punishment will be almost 1 year in county jail. Now, the sentence will depend upon the property. The more the price is, the level of punishment is high.

For an expensive car like which price is near about $2 million then you might need to stay near about 5 to 99 years in jail which is horrible. You have to stay the entire life in jail for stealing a super expensive car. So the choice is yours, will you go for it or not?

The typical punishment for stealing the car will vary from state to state and situation to situation. If the defendant has any previous record, then it might be high, or in case it might be double. Grand theft or stealing a car can be described as a felony.

The major punishment could be the listed terms below.


It is considered as one of the hardest punishment in this context of stealing any properties. Imprisonment means locked up this guy in a fixed place for a specified period. It usually is jail.

In the United States, it is one of the oldest forms of punishment and effective too. The government wants to punish the criminal as hard as possible for their severe crime in the country.

Restitution or it can be repaying system

If the car is stolen from a man’s garage or any place, then when the police or any law enforcement agency will catch this convicted person and will try to settle that issue. Another system is repaying that affected person. Here, the authority will force the convicted person to compensate that person for his loss.

It will be almost the same amount of his loss or maybe more than that. Though it is not a smart option as the criminal is not yet receiving his desired punishment, but to some extent for a minor crime, some people suggest it.


Fine is our traditional dealing system for any corruption or stealing. The amount of fine will depend on the kind of thing that has stolen from you. It could be a significant amount, or sometimes a small amount. In the case of car stealing, there are very few people who will suggest making a fine for that thief. They believe that it is a tiny thing to punish a guy for this crime.


It is considered as the final treatment for a small loss. In this case, the authority will supervise the thief for a particular time instead of sending him on the direct jail. It is a good method for a small crime. However, if they steal a gorgeous car-like over $5000, then this method will not apply to this guy.

In this process, they will council this guy and try to fix his wrongdeed. It is long counselling and will try to remove the anger and depression from this guy. If his age is below 20, then this process might work fine, and there is a good chance of getting a good result from this.

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6 Popular methods for saving your car from stealing

  1. The first thing that we all know but forget is “lock the car door properly.”

  2. Windows should be closed appropriately.

  3. You need to park your car in a selected area where they ensure good securities.

  4. Remove your key from the car and do not forget it.

  5. For ensuring security, you can install a car tracking system.

  6. An anti-theft device can be helpful in many ways.


I hope you have made your intension clear by reading this article. We have tried to cover up all the formalities that are necessary to know. The charges of stealing a car depend on the type of car and the rules of the Federal government. Moreover, keep it mind that it might vary from state to state.

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