What are the Benefits of B12 Injections?


What is Vitamin B12? 

Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin that plays several roles within our body. Also known as cobalamin, B12 is a vitamin that our body cannot produce, but requires. It’s typically found in animal products but is also offered through a B12 injection or an oral supplement. In terms of our body, B12 helps to support our nerve cells’ function, as well as aids in our body’s red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.

Because our body doesn’t produce B12 on its own, many people discover that they are B12 deficient. This can occur due to several underlying health conditions, such as IBS or Crohn’s Disease. B12 is typically found in animal products such as meats, so if you suffer from a stomach-related health condition, your body may not process or absorb the vitamin as well as others. In this scenario, a vitamin B12 injection may be the best bet for you. 

What Benefits Are Correlated to B12 Injections?

There are several direct benefits linked to vitamin B12 injections, especially in those who are currently B12 deficient. Find out the benefits of B12 injections below. 

1. Improved Mood: 

Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in our body’s serotonin production. So, it only makes sense that a B12 deficiency could be directly linked to clinical depression. If you are B12 deficient, it will also lead to a decrease in your body’s serotonin production. Studies have shown that by increasing your B12 levels, it also directly increases your serotonin levels, thus increasing your overall mood. High vitamin B12 levels have also been linked to a better probability of recovering from depression. 

2. Reduced Risk of Macular Degeneration: 

B12 is also known to decrease homocysteine levels in our bloodstream. Homocysteine is an amino acid that has been linked to age-related macular degeneration. By maintaining your body’s B12 levels, you can also significantly decrease your chance of developing macular degeneration down the road. 

3. Improved Pregnancy Health: 

When a woman is in the early stages of pregnancy, maintaining your vitamin B12 level is critical. A fetus’s nervous system and brain require adequate B12 levels in order to develop properly. If you are B12 deficient, especially within the early stages of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of your baby being born with birth defects. B12 deficiency also contributes to miscarriages and premature births. During pregnancy, you should ensure you have high enough B12 levels to support both you, and your baby’s health and wellbeing.  

4. Supports Brain Health: 

Vitamin B12 is also essential to the neurons found in our brains. B12 deficiency is linked to brain atrophy, or the loss of neurons in our brain. This can ultimately lead to memory loss or even dementia. If you are B12 deficient, maintaining your B12 levels with B12 injections is crucial to maintaining your health further down the road. 

5. Supports Red Blood Cell Formation: 

Red blood cell formation is crucial to avoiding anemia. When you’re anemic, there aren’t enough red blood cells in your body to carry oxygen to your vital organs. Low B12 levels have been linked to a reduction in red blood cell formation and prevents red blood cells from developing properly. To ensure your body is producing enough red blood cells, you need to sustain high levels of B12. 

6. Encourages Bone Health: 

B12 Levels are also directly linked to our overall bone health. Those who are B12 deficient also tend to have lower than average bone mineral density. Over time, bones will continue to decrease in their mineral density and become fragile. Once fragile, they also pose for an increased risk in developing osteoporosis. 

7. Increases Energy Levels: 

Vitamin B12 plays a significant role in our body’s overall energy production. Although there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove that B12 increases energy levels in those with sufficient B12 levels, there is evidence to prove that it increases energy levels in those who are B12 deficient. In fact, if you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms. 

8. Improves Heart Health: 

As mentioned previously with regards to macular degeneration, the amino acid homocysteine has also been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. When you suffer from B12 deficiency, your homocysteine levels are more prone to become elevated. These elevated levels, if not properly treated over time, could take a toll on your overall heart health and could put you at a significantly higher risk of developing a heart disease. 

9. Supports Health Nails, Hair and Skin

Lastly, vitamin B12 injections are also known to promote healthy hair, nails and skin. There are several dermatologic symptoms directly linked to B12 deficiency, such as hair changes and hair loss, nail discoloration, or hyperpigmentation. By ensuring your B12 levels are where they need to be, you may see a drastic change in your overall hair and nail growth, as well as skin health. 

There are so many direct health benefits linked to vitamin B12. If you are vitamin B12 deficient, then B12 injections may be the best bet for you. If you are looking to buy B12 injections online, please visit      AgelessRx.com. AgelessRx is a telemedicine service that specializes in anti-aging, with clients in all 50 states. 

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