What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Pink Himalayan Salt?


If you are buying a pink salt and wondering whether it is worth your money or not, then this article is for you. Pink salt tends to be healthier as compared with its white counterpart. The reason behind using a pink salt is that it contains more trace minerals as compared with any other salt. Also, for using this salt on a regular basis, it is researched that it is highly beneficial for your health.

There is a natural harvesting process present in pink salt, due to which all the minerals and elements are possessed. Due to this, pink salt is considered different as compared to any other regular table salt. It is reported that pink salt consists of 84 different minerals, which are unique as well as different in taste as well.

Pink Salt is also called as Himalayan salt (เกลือชมพู), which is very natural in terms of comparing it with normal salt. It also consists of anti-caking agents, which are highly nutritious for overall health.

Benefits Of Swapping Salt

  • When you see pink salt, then it comes in a large granule. This is because there is more amount of sodium present in this type of salt.
  • The volume is also higher as compared with a tablespoon of coarse salt. When we talk about plain white salt, then it consumes iodine which might not be present in pink salt. The amount of iodine can be contained by consuming dairy products, fish, or dietary supplements.
  • In every manner, consuming pink salt is beneficial for you, but it is a little bit expensive as compared with normal salt, and it doesn’t contain iodine.

What Is The Nutrition Value?

The nutritional vale of pink salt consists of a lot of minerals and other elements. These minerals are present in different forms and which is measured as calcium at 1.6mg, potassium at 2.8mg, Iron at 0.0369mg, Magnesium at 1.06mg, and Sodium at 368 mg.

Potential Uses Of Consuming Pink Salt

Some of the potential uses of consuming pink salt are that it is highly beneficial for respiratory diseases. This is because there is no amount of chemical or toxic elements present in this salt. Also, a small molecular size is available in this salt which was traditionally used by ancient Greeks. For removing dust, smoke, and contaminants, earlier Himalayan salt lamps were used.

Good For Relieving Stress

There is a high level of serotonin level present in the body, which is maintained by pink Himalayan salt. These chemicals will benefit in reducing stress levels as well as relieving depression issues. In terms of restoring energy in the body, it is highly beneficial to use pink salt on a daily basis.


To conclude, pink salt also contains high mineral content, due to which an individual will get sound sleep. There is a hormone present in the human body which is called as cortisol, and that will be managed well to reduce stress in the body.

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