What are the Benefits of Drone Photography?


In recent years, drones are becoming more popular not only as a toy but also as a gadget that professionals can use. Gone are the days when RC planes or helicopters were only seen as toys for kids, as these RC gadgets can now be used for photography, videography, and other purposes.

Most of the popular drones today, like the DJI Mavic 3, can be quite pricey. So, people would find out first if these drones are worth it to buy and if they are actually useful for them. To know about these uses of drones, here are some of the best benefits of drone photography.

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Capture Beautiful Aerial Shots

One of the great uses of drones is for capturing beautiful aerial shots of seas, mountains, and other amazing works of nature. You can then upload those shots in your online portfolio if you are a photographer so that you can showcase to potential clients what you can do with a drone. In addition, you may also be able to upload those aerial shots to stock image websites, where you can earn cash by just simply making your photos available for people to buy and download.

Take Photos and Videos of Events for Clients

camera installed on a drone

Drone photography is now used for different events, like birthday parties, corporate events, and even weddings. So, for photographers that want to add more variety to the shots that they can take for clients, drones are arguably the best gadgets to use because of their versatility in being able to take different kinds and angles of shots for photos and videos.

If the events are held in a beautiful location, you can use your drone to showcase how amazing the venue looks. Furthermore, if there are specific moments happening within those events, you can just use your drone to take photos and videos of those moments without actually being there since you can control the drone remotely.

Capture Shots in Hard-to-Reach Areas

If there are places that you want to take photos or video of that can be very difficult to go to by foot, you can just use a drone that can fly to those areas and capture shots through the drone’s camera. Some of the hard-to-reach areas that you may encounter as a photographer include caves, mountains, dense forests, and rapids.

Drones won’t have a difficult time flying to and over those areas, as they are in the air and won’t be affected by the dangers that may occur when they are on the ground. However, keep in mind that drones can only travel up to a certain distance before they lose connection with the controller, so don’t take the drone too far away from you, or you may have a very hard time retrieving it. If you plan to move to the United States or Canada, you will see more of these dense forests, rapids, and mountains. You can click here to learn more about the questions you should ask yourself before moving to America.

Use Drones for Selling Houses or Properties

drone pilo

For photographers that have real estate agents as clients, a drone is basically one of the essential pieces of equipment in their arsenal, as the drone will be able to take better shots of the houses or properties that the real estate agents are selling. Many real estate agents and property sellers would only upload street-level photos in their listings. While many potential buyers have gotten used to those photos, the listing that has aerial shots would really stand out more and would be noticed by more people.

So, if an agent or seller hires you to take photos of properties, you can recommend to them that you can also capture aerial shots, although you may need to ask for extra payment for the use of the drone. Of course, you will need to take street-level photos alongside the aerial shots to provide them with the full photo and video package. If you are a business-minded person like real estate sellers, you can check this website to learn more about the essential products or services you need for your business.

Perform Building and Structure Inspections

Another type of potential client you may encounter is the building inspector, who may hire you to fly a drone over old buildings or structures that are dangerous to inspect on foot. A building inspection can be very time-consuming, so you may need to charge your drone until it has a full battery, or you can just bring multiple batteries with you.

In addition, inspections would also require you to go to specific areas of the buildings or structures, so an inspector may instruct you on where the drone should go while you are controlling it. In order to keep track of specific damages or issues with the structures, the inspector may also ask you to take photos or videos of whatever the drone sees, and this is where your drone photography skills will come in handy.

Utilize Drones for Search and Rescue Operations

One of the most helpful uses of drones is to utilize them to look for survivors in natural disaster zones and alert authorities that are conducting search and rescue operations. The photos and videos that you capture using the drone are crucial in locating survivors and helping rescuers figure out routes or paths on how to get those survivors. If your drone can carry items, you can also use it to send food and water to survivors so that their energy can be replenished before the rescuers get to them.

And these are some of the best benefits of drone photography, and by reading this article, you now see that drones are not just simple RC gadgets that can fly high in the air and take aerial shots. Drones today are very useful for a variety of purposes, and a few of these purposes would even allow drones to save lives. It won’t be surprising if there are more uses for drones that will be discovered in the near future.


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