What are the benefits of temporary fencing?

Whether you’re in charge of crowd control at an upcoming festival or looking to create a safety perimeter on a construction site – temporary fencing is likely to be your go-to solution – and for good reason too! Known best for its versatility, temporary fencing offers security, flexibility and portability at an affordable cost.

So, the question is, could you be doing more to secure your area by opting for temporary fencing?

To help you make a more informed decision, today we’re looking through some of the key benefits of choosing temporary fencing.

1. Versatile

We’ve already touched on this point – but the versatile nature of temporary fencing is what makes it so popular across a broad spectrum of industries, so it had to be featured here.

As the name suggests, temporary fencing is made to be easily setup, taken down and moved from site to site. For this reason, it is incredibly adaptable to a host of different environments and can withstand a variety of harsh conditions from weather to heavy footfall.

And, because temporary fencing can be taken down and stored away neatly with ease, it is a great option for last minute, emergency requirements.

2. Cost-effective

Whatever type of industry you’re in, there’s no denying that saving money wherever possible is a great thing and permanent fencing is a costly investment. That’s why temporary fencing is so popular as it can be installed and relocated easily, without the need for repurchasing for different locations – and it is affordable to acquire.

3. Easy to use

We appreciate that the thought of lugging around fencing from one place to another can be off-putting, but the truth is that temporary fencing is notoriously easy to use. It is sturdy enough to do the job whilst still being easy to transport, and it is very user-friendly with setting up and taking down being possible within minutes.

4. Great for crowd control

When we see “crowd control” we usually think about events such as gigs, festivals or sporting matches – and temporary fencing is often seen in these sorts of cases. However, temporary fencing is also great for crowd control in environments where restricted access is necessary such as construction sites.

From offering a visual barrier deterring potential criminals from trespassing, to helping navigate built-up areas, temporary fencing is a fantastic way of keeping crowd control in order.

Could your site benefit from quality temporary fencing?

The truth is that there are dozens of manufacturers out there specialising in temporary fencing, so choosing the right one for you should be easy pickings. However, if you’re looking for the best quality materials that will last many years and do the job – CLD Fencing is a must. They have many years of industry experience and have become the UK’s number 1 temporary fencing supplier, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about perimeter fencing.

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