What Are The Benefits Of Travelling With One World?


Travelling isn’t always easy. When making a journey, you may have to contend with long queues, tedious checkpoints, baggage concerns and expensive food options. In fact, there is no point- from airport arrival and check-in to transit and boarding- where there isn’t a high likelihood of encountering less than ideal situations and drawbacks.

The airlines’ answer to such undesirable outcomes was the formation of alliances. These alliances are groupings that consist of various airlines. They establish agreements to offer perks to passengers across the grouping’s networks by shoring up their partner airlines’ service providence capabilities. Consequently, you may take advantage of benefits like priority classification across all the airlines in a particular alliance based on your priority status in one airline in the group.

There are currently three airline alliances: Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam. Star Alliance is the first, oldest and the largest of the three. However, all the existing airline alliances aim to offer their passengers easier mileage collecting, spending and connections through various destinations and hubs spanning the globe. For example, Australia’s national airline, Qantas, is part of the Oneworld alliance.

Travelling on Oneworld airlines offers you the opportunity to enjoy numerous benefits, particularly if you are a frequent flyer. This elite status gives you a multitude of avenues through which you can earn frequent flier miles and points whether you are at home or on the move. Consequently, these advantages enhance your ability to achieve the coveted title of elite frequent flyer.

The benefits of travelling with Oneworld

The benefits of travelling on Oneworld alliance airlines go beyond earning and redeeming valuable Airmiles. The table below offers a concise picture of what you stand to gain at the different membership levels:

Benefit Ruby Sapphire Emerald
Complimentary Seat Selection X X X
Priority Check-in X X X
Priority Standby/Waitlist Position X X X
Business Class Lounge Access X X
Excess Baggage Allowance X X
Priority Boarding X X
Priority Baggage Handling X X
First Class Lounge Access X
Airport Fast Track Lanes X

So, these benefits demonstrate the world of possibilities open to you as a Oneworld member. You can enjoy various privileges, including priority check-in and boarding, access to fast-track security clearance and additional baggage allowances. Moreover, with a Sapphire tier membership, you and a guest can access business class lounges in numerous airports globally- even if you are travelling on an economy class ticket. Emerald tier travellers get exclusive access to first-class lounges to take it one step further.

Your Oneworld membership presents opportunities like relaxing in Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong cabana service and experiencing the world-renowned traditional Finnish sauna offered in Finnair’s Platinum wing lounge in Helsinki. Alternatively, you can take in the breathtaking views that are a signature of the award-winning first-class lounge that Qantas provides in the Sydney airport, to name a few.

Oneworld alliance offers one more significant perk: They require no enrolment into separate frequent flyer schemes nor charge any additional membership fees. Furthermore, once you become a member of a member airline’s frequent flyer program, your membership automatically extends throughout the alliance. So, if, for example, you are a Qantas frequent flyer, any point you earn on everything from your weekly grocery shop at Woolworths to domestic and international flights gives you access to rewards throughout Oneworld’s global network. Moreover, your membership tier status also maintains equivalent prestige with Qantas Gold members attaining Sapphire status while Platinum members are considered Emerald elites.

So, with more border openings and increased lifting of travel restrictions, it is time to rediscover the joys of travel. An ideal approach is to take full advantage of the benefits that membership in the Oneworld alliance present. When you enrol as a frequent flyer, whether through Qantas or another member airline, you gain access to the globe in the palm of your hand.


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