What Are The Benefits Of Using SaaS For Business?


In the business environment, SaaS is very useful and cheap compared with the traditional software residing in the same field. There is no fear of building a server, installing, and configuring. All you have to do is buy and use it from the cloud.

So, let us talk you through the question- why would a business use SaaS, advantages, and disadvantages of using it.

What are the benefits and harmful sides of using SaaS for business?

Like every other product, it has some disadvantages. But once you have to use it, there is no going back. Mostly because of its easy handling and downloading.

What is SaaS?

Its full name is ‘Software as a service’. In this software, you are licensed to pay as per your subscription, it is hosted from the cloud so no need to build a server and can be accessed through any device with an internet connection.

There are many examples of SaaS. Such as different Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, Cisco WebEx, Concur, GoToMeeting etc.

We can also include SELISE e-cap here. It is a platform that builds software. It ensures the customer’s satisfaction about using software.

Top 11 Benefits of using SaaS for Business

Let’s have a look at the advantages of using it. We are sure you will be surprised.

1. Time and easy to use

When the customer buys the software, it is already installed and configured. So, it will help the customers to save the time of the installation and configuration. The customer can learn the user manual within a second, buy, and download it from the cloud. As mentioned before, it is very easy to use and maneuver.  Be sure to consider great services like https://selleo.com/saas-development-company as well.

2. Lower cost

Buying a license can be pretty rough for the small and medium startup businesses. As it costs lower than the other software because it can be used in a shared and multiply engaged devices.

Its maintenance cost is also very lower as the whole environment is owned by the provider. The cost is shared by the customers.

3. Automatic upgrades

When the authority supplies the upgrade for the application, it is available for all the customers. Costs of utilizing the upgraded version are lower than the traditional models. Do not worry, they will not force you to buy and install the new upgraded version lest you don’t buy it form them.

4. Pay per use

As there is no need to buy a license key, so you do not need to pay in advance. They do not pay before the usage of the period. You will pay for it according to your use. If anyone needs the software for a limited time, you are always welcome. You can also halt the subscription if you needed.

5. Can be accessed from any location

in general, software, where you need to buy a license, has the disadvantage of access problems. They ensure a limited log in of a selected computer. So, foreign computers do not get access to different locations. SaaS makes sure mobility and independence of using the software.

6. Using multiple devices

So, not only the locations but also different devices are allowed to log in. different devices can have the access to it. So, the software enables people to log in from multiple distinct devices. Although that makes the clients exploit the advantage of it.

7. Customization according to the customer

You can personalize and customize the info and usage according to your needs. The provider will consider your options to change the settings, functionalities, subscription time, and fees. They will charge you according to alteration and usage span. And a bonus tip, you can use the provider’s APIs if they let you.

8. Stability

The price of the subscription is very stable. It is not like you need to store it before the price hikes. Its service. So, to develop your marketing strategy without any distraction is very easier for you. As a customer, you can monitor your incoming and outgoing invoices, contract expiration with different clients from different locations, and subscription fees and expiration date.

9. Say no to the Piracy issue

As you do not need to buy a license for the SaaS rather you need to pay as per your use, there is no need for piracy. That is how it decreases the possibilities of corruption and piracy. So, say no to piracy.

10. Foreign markets

It is very flexible in the foreign market to expand the business. Even you do not need any middleman to contact. You can talk to direct the vendors and handle your foreign expanse without any issue of cheating. As it is an internet-based service, you can handle your foreign business globally without any distractions.

11. Network

As it is depended mostly on network development and the internet, it is mostly influenced by globalization. The customer’s usage gets boost up by the recommendations and reviews of the bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.

Disadvantages of using SaaS

SaaS has sometimes some demerits for being so extra easygoing. For example, the server is not privately built, so there can be a lack of control from the third party. Another thing is, sensitive information can be accessed as it has security and data concerns.

No wonder SaaS is getting very popular among customers but there are still many limitations to the application. It needs a proper upgrade. As its internet base, if your internet speed is low, you cannot access remote areas and bad weather. And hardly, there is some performance gap as a huge number of devices are connected to it. Data jam is common here.


From any other application, SaaS is a very easygoing, cheap, useful product. You can use it for your startup without any fear to buy a new license or domain or any pirated version. You pay the provider as there is no middleman and buy your cherished software. It comes with the usual upgraded version. But the choice is yours whether you want it or not.

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