What Are the Best Qualities in Dogs For Emotional Support?

Mental health has taken the spotlight in society today. We no longer consider it weird to have mental health problems. In fact, we’re doing everything we can to help people that struggle with life.

Emotional support animals are one of the best ways to help people. In the past, public use hasn’t always been seen in the best light. The good news is that public perception is beginning to change.

If you’re thinking of looking to dogs for emotional support, or to boost your mood, there are a few things you need to know. Below are five key characteristics a dog needs to be a great companion.

1. Good Manners

You’re going to be taking your new dog everywhere. The last thing you need is to have it going crazy every time it sees another animal.

Your emotional support dog needs to have good manners in public. It should stay calm in social settings and get along with both people and other animals.

2. Obedient

Your support dog is there to help you during hard times, not to give you problems. Your dog needs to be well-trained if you want to rely on it during hard times.

Most support animals receive professional training before being placed into a home. Make sure yours has all the training needed to be obedient to your commands.

Make sure to learn more about emotional support dogs so you can learn what commands a typical support dog needs to know.

3. Hygienic

Unlike regular dogs, you can take a service animal into public areas. Establishments are required by law to allow them on the premises.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to minimize your presence there. All service dogs need to have good hygiene to make sure they don’t leave a mess wherever they go. Your dog needs to be potty trained and regularly brushed to make sure hair doesn’t fly everywhere during the day.  Also be sure to consider potty training with puppy pads as well to help the process. 

4. Patience

Not all dogs respond well to a lot of attention. As an emotion support dog, you will probably be giving yours plenty of it.

Your dog needs to respond well to a lot of attention. It should have no adverse reaction if someone touches a part of its body that dogs don’t generally like being touched.

5. Healthy

You probably won’t have health issues with a dog you get as a puppy. Things are more complicated if you adopt a rescue or get an older dog.

Make sure you look for any signs of health problems before getting your emotional support dog. You’re getting your dog to help you cope with your emotions. Getting an unhealthy dog is going to do nothing but add stress to your life.

Dogs for Emotional Support Don’t Come Easy

When you’re looking at dogs for emotional support, don’t accept just anything. Make sure your future companion has the characteristics above. When you find a dog that’s trained for the job, you’ll get a companion that can help you through both good times and bad.  Be sure to setup your home right for your new pet by including a dog fence with gps system.

Are you looking for my tips on living a stressfree life after getting your new support dog? Head back to our blog for a few ideas that will keep things interesting.