What Are The Best Tips To Make A Music Video On A Low Budget?


It’s no easy business to shoot and make viral music video without financial resources, but it’s possible.  You can follow steps to make your promo more effective.

Do you want to shoot a video for your new release but are short on cash? There are now numerous social media marketing techniques but a music video still maintains its importance. It’s an important tool for setting the brand aesthetic for the device. However, they can be expensive to shoot.

When talking about music videos there are two extremes, with one end for short Tik Tok or Vine videos and the other for Billboard premieres. In recent times, there is a popular style of music videos in the middle of both extremes that are suited to the internet audience. You’ll find that many of the videos in this category lack high production quality but are quite interesting to watch. You can also create something like this for yourself. According to Artist Push next points leas you to imminent progress. Let’s begin.

The Video Needs A Catchy Concept

If you want to create a viral video, you need to come up with a catchy concept first. Outline the vibes you want to achieve and the overall message of the video. What props will you need for this? Make sure there is a connection between the lyrics of the song and the themes of the video. Look at your visual presence to date and draw some inspiration from it to create a cohesive theme.

The next thing is for you is to develop the narrative for the video. Here, you can draw inspiration from previous life experiences or artists that you admire. When shooting a low budget video, there’s no use bothering over the production quality. Just focus on the message and make sure it’s unique.

Look Out For A Free Location

The usual locations for shooting videos will be expensive and are reserved for the A-list names. Remember that it’s a low-budget shoot and you have to stick with the resources at your disposal.

It’s a good idea to look for a free and private location such as your home, studio, or even a friend’s place. If you decide to shoot in public, you will need to secure a permit but that shouldn’t be a problem. Call the local government and they will guide you through it.

Bands can film in their rehearsal space while producers can use their studios. Any location where you can do multiple setups is a great idea.  You can also find great sound options like nature ambience, classic music, and more.

Get In Contact With Sponsors

There are many companies looking to partner with creative people. In exchange for some product placement or promotional efforts, you can get some free merchandise for your shoot or even access to a better location.

To get sponsors, you would need to send an email to the PR department/manager of the company. Your email would contain an outline of your video concept, statistics or any other thing you hope would help you seal the deal. It’s more effective when you do some research and only gets in contact with companies that align with your video concept.

Shoot On Your Phone

Now, there are numerous mobile apps that you can use to shoot music videos on your phone with reasonable production quality. Remember about the vertical edit when shooting and be prepared to invest a little amount to create reasonable quality. Studying the best music videos in the past, such as the ones did by the classic rock icons The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, is also a great idea before you shoot your music video.

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