What are the Best Ways to Sell Cemetery Plots


Some individuals own cemetery plots. It can be inherited from your family, or you may have purchased it as advanced preparation for the future. However, as time passes by, you may be questioning your decision. Or you may need the money to meet some other expenses.

The average expense of a funeral with a burial was $7,650 in 2019. Are you planning to sell cemetery plots? You may check out the evaluation of Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expenses to find out the process and the best way to sell cemetery plots.

The best methods to sell cemetery plots include the following:

Create an Effective Advertisement

The best and quickest way to sell cemetery plots is to draft an effective advertisement. It allows potential buyers to find out the availability and other details of the cemetery plot. Make sure to present the details clearly.

You have to mention the type of burial site. Is it a mausoleum, a crypt, or a grave plot? It is essential to be highly specific. Avoid furnishing abstract or inadequate details. As a cemetery plot is the final resting spot for the deceased, your potential buyers seek to get a clear picture through your advertisement.

Make sure to provide the plot’s address and your contact details. You can also include the final or an estimated price. Additionally, attach a photo of the cemetery plot to give your potential buyers an accurate visual image. It helps build credibility, and you may receive more prospects.

Avail of the Services of a Broker

Like most real estate plots, you can also find a broker for cemetery plots. You can provide the necessary details regarding your cemetery plot. With their extensive contacts, they will locate potential buyers.

You can also use the services of a cemetery plot broker to negotiate the deals. However, make sure that you hire only reliable and efficient brokers. Research multiple brokers and their services before you choose the right broker.

Additionally, consider their price ranges. If they are too expensive and cut off your profits of sale, you may avoid them. Most cemetery plot brokers charge monthly fees. Some may offer to reduce the cost once you sell the cemetery plot.

Hire an Advertising Service

You may find the task of drafting an ad copy to sell cemetery plots overwhelming. In such cases, you can hire an advertising service to do the job for you. Provide all the details of the plots. The service then takes over and compellingly presents them.

They can make your ad copy informative and attractive. A thorough description includes the plot number, location of the cemetery, and the particular section. Additionally, an ad service attaches a high-quality image of the cemetery plot.

An advertising service enables your ad copy to be highly saleable. Moreover, it gives your advertisement a professional look. It can help to grab the attention of your potential buyers. An accurate representation of the cemetery plot can also generate their trust.

Upload your Advertisement on Popular Websites

You can upload your advertisement for cemetery plots on popular online-listing websites. Most of them offer free listings. You do not have to spend additional costs to display your advertisements.

It works the same way as listing a house for sale. You can include a description of the cemetery plot and mention its price. Pictures of the plot can help to increase the engagement with your ad. Make sure to provide your contact details.

Things to Do Before You Sell Cemetery Plots

You can now choose the best way to sell cemetery plots according to your convenience. However, you need to check some factors before you sell cemetery plots. Make sure to verify the following:

State Laws

Different US states have varying laws on cemetery plot sales. Some do not regulate cemetery and land transfers. Meanwhile, others may have some laws in place. You may have to offer to sell the cemetery plot to the cemetery before making a private sale.

Make sure to verify the laws of your state before you sell cemetery plots. You can contact the controller’s office of your city or research the laws online.

Cemetery Policies

You have to check with the cemetery to know if the sale of cemetery plots is permissible. The contract with them can let you know the policies and regulations for selling cemetery plots.

The state laws do not govern cemeteries that belong to a religious organization. Contact the cemetery to know if they have any restrictions on selling cemetery plots.

If you intend to sell cemetery plots, it is best to start researching the different protocols and methods. You can then pick the best way to sell cemetery plots to meet your needs. Ensure to verify the state laws and cemetery policies to know your options.

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