What Are the Different Strains of Weed and Their Effects?

As states and countries are pushing to decriminalize weed, marijuana use is soaring across the world. This year, in particular, has seen significant strides in increasing access to weed. As weed consumption grows, the consumers also have more questions about weed.

One of the most common questions that people have about weed is its strains. Weed has a few different main varieties and many more minor strains. Learn more about the variety of Pink Pebbles weed strain and their effects. So, stick around as we answer the question that you might have about weed and its popular varieties.

What Is a Strain? 

You might have seen the words Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid on our website https://greensociety.cc/ before. These words are names of various weed strains. They are, in essence, different breeds of weed. Each of them is bred for a specific effect and has originated from different places in the world.

So, a strain of weed is sort of similar to the different species of dogs. Each one is bred separately from the others for a specific purpose or effect. That’s why there are so many weed strains around. The major ones are the ones from which all other strains are derived from.

Major Weed Strains 

There are two major weed strains, Indica and Sativa. The third is innovatively named Hybrid, which is, as the name implies, a mix of Indica and Sativa. There are many more minor varieties of weed available.

The three strains have different effects from each other. But for now, we can give you some answers.


Indica is the breed of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountain. Indica is often associated with feelings of relaxation and happiness. People usually take indica strains to have better sleep quality.

Indica not only improves sleep quality but is helpful with dealing with many mental disorders. It can help people suffering from ailments like anxiety, PTSD, and other mental conditions. It can give them the much-needed relaxation.

Many varieties of “kush” weed are all popular strains of Indica.


Sativa strain of weed is completely different from Indica in terms of its effects. It has a very energizing effect and can have a positive impact on the mood. While Indica, in general, is excellent for dealing with various mental ailments, Sativa, in particular, is fantastic when taken to deal with stress or anxiety.

It also reportedly helps with ADHD. Sativa does this as it is supposed to boost focus and creativity when taken. Many users take Sativa during the daytime to remain more productive and not feel the sluggish effects of Indica.

Durban Poison and Jack Herer are two popular strains of Sativa that many people enjoy.


Hybrid weed strains are from both Indica and Sativa. Their effects are entirely dependent on what their exact breeding is. Their effects usually are a combination of Indica and Sativa’s effects.

Blue Comatose and Crystal Coma are two examples of popular hybrid strains. As weed is more widely accepted, research into the differences is picking up speed. A more in-depth study can help us find more science-backed answers.