What Are The Different Types of Airsoft Pistols and their Benefits?


The most significant advantage to airsoft guns is their non-metallic projectiles; they use plastic pellets less penetrative than traditional airgun pellets. If your mom doesn’t let you have a firearm, you can choose from a broader selection of airsoft guns. 

A range of airsoft guns is used both in recreational and competitive competitions requiring wearing protective gear. The pellets used are usually propelled in two different ways: mechanical and automatic. Furthermore, various kinds of cheap airsoft guns exist. Here’s the whole scoop on airsoft guns and the many benefits you can gain from them. 

Types Of Airsoft Guns

No matter if you’re a new airsoft gun user or not, you have undoubtedly encountered and perhaps even followed a bunch of online forums where they discuss which airsoft gun works best in specific situations. As frustrating as it is, finding the correct answer to a simple question can sometimes lead to a myriad of other questions. 

There are numerous gun types out there, each with its unique benefits and shortcomings. However, it is rare to find a comprehensive chart that answers all your questions. When you’ve decided to obtain an airsoft pistol, these Airsoft Pistols from the UK can assist with making a good decision and weighing the different options during the decision-making process.  

To share our knowledge of airsoft guns for the greater good, we’re providing an overview of the various types and how these replicas work. 

  • AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun) Airsoft’s Staple

Automatic electric guns or AEG airsoft are the most popular of their class, especially with actual play. AEG is designed to use a battery for its motor to function. This spins the gun’s gear set that comes back to the piston under its spring tension and slams forward. The process compresses the air within its cylinder and fires ahead to propel its bullet ball down the barrel. 

AEgs typically utilizes a hop-up mechanism to create backspin on the projectiles as it fires. It stabilizes in flight and allows a more flat course like you’re casting off a sphere from a smoothbore barrel. 

As technology continues to emerge, AEG batteries evolve too. Nowadays, they use lithium polymer batteries which can withstand higher power. The only setback about this evolution is that they tend to wear down your AEG’s internal parts faster. 

  • Springers

Going into the dorky and wonderful world of airsoft with entry-level knowledge and lawn fights, a great guess is that your first airsoft gun is a springer. From what the name describes, this gun’s propulsion mechanism is entirely manual. That means it relies on the user to cock the action prior to shooting your BBs. 

These handguns are not typically used for competitive playing but are a great way to introduce you to airsoft guns in general. Finding a high-quality and durable spring handgun can be challenging, and better never to expect your guns to stay forever. 

In contrast, some airsoft snipers prefer using spring-operated handguns for competitive and milsim games. Springers are available in a variety of ranges

  • Entry-level
  • Low-quality rifles
  • Performance-driven and upgraded guns

Moreover, once a well-versed BB shooter gets his hands on a spring sniper rifle, you can expect a fantastic shot with maximum efficacy. 

  • Gas Guns

Most newcomers deemed that gas-powered airsoft guns are the best options for getting familiar and leveraging your performance. While this can be a good factor at some point, it’s still not the basis. Gas guns are referred to the following;

  • Gas sniper rifles

These are not standard airsoft guns. The bolt action rifles typically consume green gas to fire projectiles; however, it requires manual operation for the bolt to reset its hammer before firing again. They have higher FPS and are susceptible to fluctuation in powered gas, gas, and weather, which remains in the gun’s magazine. 

They are an excellent choice if you plan on picking up a sidearm for a particular kit. 

  • Gas blowback (GBB)

This is the most popular type of gas gun for airsoft guns. It utilizes carbon dioxide or green gas to fire bbs and slide to the chamber or cycle the bolt for the next round. GBB handguns are imperatively common and have sufficient sidearms. 

GBB rifles cater to a specific crowd willing to compromise a bit of the magazine and performance capacity for a robust felt recoil or realism. 

  • Non-blowback (NBB)

This airsoft gun uses carbon dioxide or green gas to fire the bb projectiles without slide reciprocating. There is no gas wasted on the mechanical operation, which results in a higher FPS. This feature is traditionally found in handguns. 

  • HPA

Similarly, as paintball guns are fired, HPAs are driven by compressed air to propel the BBs forward. You need to adjust your PSI tank to meet the compatibility requirements of the HPA engine through a pressure regulator since most air tanks produce tremendous pressure than your guns can handle. 

Precisely, you can convert an AEG into an HPA engine by modifying its electric internals into an HPA engine. This can work perfectly, depending on your preference. With HPA, you will expect unreal and excellent performance, which produces an ample amount of fire that AEG cannot match.

Airsoft Pistol Benefits

The benefits of airsoft guns vary with a specific application. They are a great backup weapon in case your primary gun runs out of ammunition or fails. They are an excellent tool for practice and training if you want to overcome hoplophobia.

  • Ideal as a backup weapon
  • Ideal for practice and training
  • It helps you overcome your fear of weapons
  • They are safe, easy to draw, and lightweight
  • Suitable for a quick draw or manipulation drills
  • Ideal for budget films


Assuming you’ve already created a gun wishlist or want to purchase one but have no idea where to begin, the details mentioned earlier can help you start your journey and find the best airsoft guns to leverage your game performance. 

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