What are the Different Types of Beer Glasses?

Whether you drink beer regularly or it’s something you enjoy every now and then, you might have noticed that it’s not always served in the same sort of glass. While you might not put too much thought into it or have thought that it’s for a specific reason, the type of glass that beer’s in can have an impact on its taste and temperature, among other things. The types of beer glasses that we use have been tried, tested and used throughout history and there are a few different types of beer glasses that you can drink your favourite pint from. Here we’ve put together a bit more information on the different types of beer glasses, why are beer glasses shaped differently and what impact they can have on the beer within.


Beer steins are something you might have seen a lot of if you’ve ever been to an Oktoberfest. In the past, steins were made of stoneware or porcelain but now they’re made from glass and they can be ornately decorated. For this reason, many people enjoy collecting steins to display in their homes. The traditional stone body of a stein was originally designed to keep your beer cool and some used to have lids that were suspected to keep disease out during the plague!

Beer Mugs

If you’ve ever been served beer from a mug you might wonder just why it sometimes tastes that bit better. While it’s easier to drink from thanks to the handle, the fact you don’t need to cup the glass with your hands also helps to keep the beer colder. Mugs also tend to be made from thick glass that further helps to keep the drink inside insulated and colder for longer.


A chalice glass is another popular type of beer glass and features a large bowl with a thick stem for you to hold. Decorative and great to look at, some chalices can feature branding or ornate detailing making them another nice one for collectors. Thanks to the shape this type suits dark, heavy beers best such as IPAs. The wide opening allows the drinker to fully take in the aromas and flavours.

Pilsner Glasses

A pilsner glass tends to be tall and slim in size with a bit of a bigger opening at the top allowing you to smell all the aromas of the beer within. Best for lighter beers, this type of beer glass helps you to see the clarity of the bubbles in the drink within as well as retaining some of the head of the beer adding to the scent of the beer.

Nonic Pint

This is the pint glass you’ve likely seen most in your life. Taking inspiration from conical design, this type of beer glass has a bulge near the top that makes it much easier for the holder to grip onto it – particularly useful once you’ve had a couple down the pub! It can fit a pint of beer and many tend to have a crown stamp on them to show they’re large enough to hold a full pint.

Conical Pint

A conical beer glass is shaped with a wider base leading to a smaller rim and is another of the most popular types of beer glass to drink from. It features a small stand at the bottom that’s there to improve your grip on the glass as well as prevent it from chipping.

Stout Glasses 

If you love the strong taste of a stout then you want to drink it from a proper stout glass to get the full impact of the flavours. A traditional pint glass is shaped with a rounded silhouette and thick base to grip the glass. This design enhances the beer’s head and traps the aromas from here giving you a better drinking experience.

Where Can I Buy a Range of Different Beer Glasses? 

Perhaps you’re looking to stock up your pub, bar or restaurant with some beautifully designed beer glasses? Have you got a theme night coming up? Or perhaps you are a glass collector and need some new glassware to complete your set. No matter what it is, there are online beer glass sellers that stock a wide range of products that can cater for any of your needs.