What are the different types of graphic design?


Graphic design is a lot more than aesthetic pictures on display. It is a form of visual communication that shares ideas, provide information, or persuades an audience to consider alternatives or newer perspectives in the form of a product or service. Design acts as the mediator between people and a business. It can be done subtly or overtly. It is the unique ability to connect with countless people and convey a message that they wish.

Read this article to know the different types of graphic design you can consider your career in. Thinking of a career as a graphic designer? Consider a degree like M. Des graphic design to learn all the fundamental concepts of design and stay updated with the technical skills.

1. Product design

Product designers are expert creatives who are responsible for the design and development of new products. They do the initial illustrations and prototypes of designs before the production team puts them together. The type of product that they create entirely depends on the type of industry but in general, it could range from anything like toys to tools. These designers are also responsible for conducting extensive research on the market to ascertain that their product looks unique, does not violate copyrights, and appeals to a large set of audience. Some skills that are needed to succeed will be prototyping, market research, 3D modeling, proficiency with Adobe creative suite.

2. Branding design

Branding is a specific type of corporate design that focuses on the visual identity it is creating as a product or a company. Branding designers need to be aligned with the overall message that the brand stands for and is trying to sell while remaining attuned with the target audience they want to reach. Every aspect of designing must stay aligned with the marketing goals and check if the image fits the larger picture of the company. People’s perception of a product is often motivated by the branding they see. Graphic designers are therefore responsible to make interacting with the target audience and sending across a clear message about them. Market research, communication skills, adobe creative suite are some of the skills required in this artform.

3. Website designer

Every website or app you visit has been designed by a graphic designer. These designers have a strong understanding of user experience and they make sure that the websites they are creating are user-friendly in design– easy to navigate and not confusing on either mobile or computer devices. They design online spaces that are visually appealing and attractive besides having compatibility with the SEO practices. Added skills required in this field include basic coding, wireframing, UX or UI design, branding, etc.

4. Print Design

The digital era has seen a new side of graphic design, which is print design. These designers are creatives responsible for designing products that will have a physical existence. Such designs range from designing a business logo, or business cards to brochures, billboards, stationery, T-shirts, and a lot more. To be a distinguished print designer, a designer should be proficient in color theory, print design, layouts, etc.

Many other types of graphic design can be further explored. The more you learn, the better. A course in graphic design should prepare you to be a future graphic designer.

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