What are the different types of weapons in CSGO?


CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the widely played FP shooter game where players have the option of choosing from myriad weapons to complete game objectives and get rid of enemies.

In CSGO, there is a versatile range of weapons from the likes of submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles and heavy machine guns. In this detailed article, we will have a look at the popular weapons that players love using while playing CSGO.


1. AK-47

The AK47 is one of the most powerful and widely used weapon by players in CGSO. It is regarded as the king of rifles. The weapon is preferred by top players, thanks to its fast-firing rate and high level of damage done to the opponents. AK47 is an ideal weapon for players looking for medium to long-range combat.

The weapon is used extensively by CSGO players for its overall versatility and killing abilities by engaging just a few shots. The only con with the weapon is its less accuracy over long distances, thereby making it difficult for players to use it efficiently in those situations.

2. M4A4

M4A4 is another popular weapon used widely by CSGO players. The weapon is known for its amazing firing rate, high level of damage and accuracy. M4A4 is ideally used for medium-range combat, making it a sought-after weapon for players looking to take out opponents quickly and efficiently.

The weapon is also a preferable choice because of its affordable cost and ease of use. If you’re someone who is new to CSGO game, you must check out this weapon before anything else.

3. AWP

Another powerful weapon worth mentioning while playing CSGO is AWP, that has the ability to take out enemies with a single shot. The weapon is ideal for using in long-range engagements and known as one of the deadliest weapons in CSGO universe.

The weapon is a smart choice for players who enjoy playing as a sniper, making it easier to take out enemies at long distance without much hassles. However, please remember that the weapon firing rate is slow and is not recommended in close-range combat.


1. Glock-18

Glock-18 is an affordable and inexpensive pistol used extensively by CSGO players because of its ease of use and higher efficiency rate. The weapon is ideal for using in close-range combat where the fast-firing rate and maximum damage output can prove fatal for the opponents and help you rank up quicker. This pistol is a sought-after choice for CSGO players looking to use pistol as a primary weapon during gameplay.

2. USP-S

USP-S is another powerful pistol that is worth mentioning in the list of powerful CSGO weapons. The weapon is known for its maximum damage output and high level of efficiency. Players must use the pistol for medium-range combat because it can prove lethal for the opponents. The weapon is an ideal choice for players who want play CSGO as a supporting role as it can take out enemies quickly without having to rely on the primary weapons.

Submachine Guns

1. MP7

MP7 is a powerful and deadly submachine gun known for its high firing rate and ease of use. Thanks to its mobility, the weapon is ideal for using in close-range combats. The MP7 is widely used by players who prefer to play as a support role, as it allows them to quickly take out enemies in these situations without having to rely on a primary weapon.

2. Uzi

The Uzi is another powerful submachine gun knowns for its high rate of fire. The weapon is ideal for using in close-range combat, where its fast-firing rate and maximum damage can prove disastrous for the enemies.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the CSGO weapons discussed above, players can also buy grenades and other utility items, like smoke grenades and flashbangs, for supporting their team and get an upper hand in combat. The choice of weapon in CSGO game is a crucial decision that has a deep impact on the overall player’s performance and success in the game.

In a nutshell, CSGO offers a myriad range of weapons for players to choose from, each with its own perks and cons. Whether a player loves engaging in close-range combat with a shotgun or kill enemies from a distance with a sniper rifle, there is always a weapon available to suit their gaming style. Understanding the different types of CSGO weapons and their uses is key to becoming a successful player in CSGO.

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