What Are The Do’s and Don’ts After A Car Accident

Unfortunate events like car accidents are happening more frequently nowadays. Such an experience can be very traumatic, that is why you need to have a plan in mind of how to react to the circumstances that you may need to face afterwards. Here is a guide to the dos and don’ts after having a car accident: 

The Dos

Call the police right away

The trauma of the event will leave you in shock. You will start wondering what to do after an accident occurs. The first thing you must do is call the police instantly to document your case. It is extremely  important that a police officer records his or her observation of the scene to be used as evidence later on.

Seek medical attention

In case of any injuries, you need to seek medical help at the moment. There are some types of injuries that can result in immediate issues if not treated immediately. So, try to call an ambulance as soon as you can or go to a nearby hospital if you’re able to. In case any urgent medical service required Air Ambulance Hawaii is one which provides fast and safe medical flight transfers to any location in the world, with 100 medical aircraft strategically positioned around the globe.

 Gather details and information

If you are able to gather information from any witnesses around do so until the police arrive to have more evidence. You also need to make sure you take the other driver’s license plate number for any further references.

Take photos

If you are able to, try to take pictures of the accident scene. Those photos will come in handy after the scene is over, as you will need documented evidence of the accident in its authentic conditions. They should mainly include an overview of the accident, any vehicle damage, any injured people, and any traffic signs near the scene. 

The Don’ts

Don’t panic

As much as it is traumatizing what you’ll be going through, you need to try to calm down. Be easy on yourself in order to be able to process. Try to remain calm as much as you can to be able to call for help.

Don’t move your vehicle

Don’t move your car under any circumstances unless the law requires you to do so. It is very important to leave the car as it is to be able to document the incident. In addition, any accident victims must not leave the accident scene unless a law enforcement gives them the permission to.

Don’t discuss details with anyone

Try as much as you can to not share details about the accident unless in front of the police or your attorney. You might put yourself in jeopardy if you share the details with anyone around, try to apologize, or even defend yourself. Such action can be used as evidence against you later on.

Don’t agree to any settlement

Contacting your attorney is a must before agreeing to any kind of settlement. Your attorney will make sure that the offer you get is fair and just compensation for what you lost.

This guide can come in handy if a misfortune has happened to you. Keep in mind that your safety must come first. So, try to remain as calm as you can, to know the dos and don’ts for such a moment.