What Are The Latest Top 4 Telugu Songs?

In the Telugu music industry, many songs get much more acceptance. Also, have to add that there are too many hit and viral song in Telugu movie. Surprisingly say that almost all the Telugu songs are seen in the Youtube trend. That means that the music is so hit and all the peoples love to hear the songs. And one thing that it 2021 and in this current year there have many songs released in online and internet.

But we have selected 4 Telugu movie songs that are very hit and viral on Youtube and the internet. You will also get all the songs in naa songs. So when you feel free, then you can visit and download songs with some easy task. This article will talk about the 4 Telugu songs, and you have to follow more.


This item song is collected from the Telugu movie named RED. It is the upcoming movie which just released new tunes. On December 30, 2020, this song was released on Youtube, which has crossed 7.5 million views on Youtube. It is the best item song in 2021.

Mani Sharma was the music director of the song which songwriter was Kasarla Shyam. And the song is sung by the most extraordinary singers name Saketh & Keerthana Sharma. The song is also trending music on Youtube that has been selected for the best lyrical themes in 2021.

Hola Chica

Jaspreet Jasz is the singer of the song, which is one of the best songs at this moment. Alpo has to say that it is the best lyrical song released on Youtube on January 3, 2021. And the song has been marked as the trending songs on Youtube, which crosses 1.65 million views on Youtube.

The song is collected from the movie name Alludu Adhurs. Sreemani was the lyric of the songs which the music director was Dsp. It is the most romantic lyrical songs that you can download anytime because telugu songs download is too much accessible for anyone.

Mass Biriyani

This item party song is collected from the movie name Krack. It is the upcoming Telugu masala type action movie. It will also be the must-watch movie which leading hero was Raviteja and Shruti Haasan. The song is a lyrical song that crosses 800k views on Youtube. And Rahul Nambiar & Sahithi Chaganti was the singer of the song which lyricist was Kasarla Shyam.

Korameesam Polisoda

The song is from the movie name Krack movie, one of the best storyline upcoming movies. It is the forthcoming masala category movie name. Ramjogayya Sastry is the lyric writer of the song; which music director was Thaman S. Ramya Behara was the singer of the song, which is crosses over 1 million views on Youtube.

Final Words

After an extended analysis of the Telugu songs, which is collected from the upcoming movies. The songs that we included in the article that are very heart touch these mentioned songs are on Youtube trending songs. Finally, we can say that these songs are top-rated at that time, so you have to listen to these songs.