What Are the Most Common Men’s Watch Styles?


Watches come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to pick a men’s piece in 5 common styles. Some of them are drastically different from the others, while others share similarities. We discussed them in depth below.

Dress Watch

These timepieces are basic. They’re meant to be worn with formal wear, so they don’t grab a lot of attention.

Don’t expect expert timekeeping from them. A lot of them don’t even have second hands.

When purchasing a dress watch, be mindful of their size. If you have a small wrist, get one with a case below 40 mm. Anything too small or big would not only be uncomfortable but attract too much attention.

You’ll widely see them rocking quartz movements. Quartz mechanisms are battery powered, so they have fewer parts. This means watches that have the movement are slimmer. More expensive dress watches are Swiss quartz.

More expensive types also rock special straps. They’ll have quality leather on their bands. Whatever suit you’re wearing, they’ll suit it.

If you’re going for the Japanese quartz option, giants like Seiko would be your best choice. You will get quality as well as an attractive appearance.

To get the most appealing unit, make sure your dress watch has a plain black or white face, large markers, and a thin case.

Mechanical Watch

You can class mechanical pieces as their own watch style because manufacturers make them large, luxurious, and eye-catching. You won’t find too many without a skeleton dial or back. They would be exposed as they have many gears, so you’ll be able to watch them move.

The goal of the Omega Seamaster 300 watches is to be worn as status symbols. That’s why luxury brands tend to design them. Many of them are designed by the Swiss watch industry. There are several brands you can select, but some of the best come from Patek Phillipe, even though you’ll have to splurge a bit.

Mechanical watches are all about luxury and Patek Phillipe is probably the best in the Swiss watch game. They’re considered to be part of the holy trinity of Swiss brands, which you can click here to find more about.

Which brand you’re buying from isn’t always important, however. Size matters, so get something big. It should also have to have a luxurious strap. A leather one is a good choice. Of course, a skeleton dial can be just as good. However, watches that look too exposed tend to come off as cheap. Luxury brands just place tiny cut-outs.

Field Watch

Field watches look rugged. They’re timepieces that were created to be worn by the military. They tend to have large faces, making them easy to read in the dark. They also have quite a bit of lume on them. You’d notice that their markers and hands glow well because of this.

It’s common for them to have NATO canvas straps. When you’re out and about, they’re helpful as they repel dust and dirt. They’re also easy to wear as you just need to loop bands into place. The watches should ideally have durable metal cases but this isn’t the norm anymore.

As you can imagine, field pieces are best if you’re an outdoorsman. They wouldn’t look as good in formal settings. But if you’re wearing something sporty, they could compliment your outfit.

They tend to be affordable, as well. That’s why more common brands like Seiko, Citizen, and Invicta usually design them. Seiko has a line specifically focusing on the pieces – the 5 SNKs.

Dive Watch

Similar to dress watches, dive pieces are one of the most common watch types around. You’ll find them with all kinds of movements. They’re on the larger side to help you read the time underwater. They’re also waterproof. That’s why stainless steel and rubber or silicone can be found on their body.

Depending on which brand you’re buying from, their appearance might differ. Some dive watches look sportier. However, those like the Rolex Submariner have a classy look to them. You don’t have to purchase the Submariner to get a classy dive piece. It’s one of the most popular pieces that have homage models. You’ll find thousands of tributes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Unfortunately, you can’t dive with all dive watches. If you want to hit deeper depths, your device needs to be ISO 6425 certified. This would mean that it’s been sealed enough to not be crushed by water pressure.

To turn the most heads, you can purchase a piece with an orange dial. Manufacturers have found that orange text is the easiest to read when submerged. Several dive pieces come with the colour.

Pilot Watch

Just like the Swiss watch industry is known for luxury, the German watch industry is known for its pilot watches. Aviator pieces were created for the Luftwaffe. They usually use quartz as manufacturers need to make sure pilots can read accurate time in the air.

You’ll likely find aviator pieces with many tools. Slide rules are present for basic calculations, as well as chronographs and tachymeters, which calculate the speed and distance between objects. Considering that there are so many tools, their dials can look busy.

Manufacturers are all about making them look appealing, to display the luxury and excitement of a pilot’s life. That’s why they’re made from quality materials. The majority of them rock good leather and sapphire.

To purchase the best pilot’s watch, aim for pieces from Junghaans or A. Lange & Sohn. They’re well-known for designing the best and most durable watches.

Final Thoughts

Watches are incredibly intricate and detailed, which is why they’re still so popular. The fact that the devices come in so many styles is also appreciated.

Dress watches are the most common types you can find. They’re meant to be worn with formal wear so they look classy and chic. They’re not expensive due to their popularity. Dive watches are just as good. Depending on who you’re buying from, they could look either expensive or sporty.

Keep these factors in mind the next time you’re shopping for a watch.

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