What Are The Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors


Three things make a kitchen countertop beautiful and appealing: the kitchen surface material, the countertop finish, and their overall colour. It takes equal contribution from each component to make sure the countertops look charming and match the kitchen’s overall theme.

When choosing the right colours for your quartz countertop, it’s easy for homeowners to be a little confused. After all, there are so many options to choose from. Divided into three categories: Whites, Greys, and Blacks, each brings out a different vibe in your kitchen. However, if you need a little help deciding a suitable colour for your countertop, you must check thegranitewarehouse.com. In this article, we would explore the various colour options that quartz offers.

Also, if you are looking for popular countertop finish options to match the colours, you can see more here.

Top 9 Popular Quartz Countertop Colors For 2021

Here is a list of the top 9 colours for quartz countertop from each colour group to help to select the perfect shade for your kitchen


The best part about sparkling white quartz countertops is that it looks shiny and adds sparkling beauty to your kitchen. Whites also reflect light very well, making your kitchen look brighter and bigger than it actually is. Here are some popular tones in white for your countertop.


This shade is inspired by the texture of beautiful seashells. If you are looking for a soothing and clean countertop that evokes beach vibes, this colour is for you. A delicate blend of soft cream and light taupe, the design is embellished with tiny pearl-hued prints.


If you want a marble-like design, then Aura is the perfect shade for your kitchen countertops. The brilliance of this colour lies in its seamless blend of continuous lines in cool shades like grey with an overall background of warm undertones. If you are looking for the timeless majestic beauty of marbles along with the benefits of quartz, then aura is a great choice.

Calacatta Laza

Certain brown and white combinations are exciting. The same goes for Calacatta Laza quartz. It has a smooth milky white background adorned with soft grey and brown veins that are blurred on the edges and blend seamlessly with the white shade. The colour brings in a classy and rich ambiance to your kitchen. The dramatic play of colours is perfect for accentuating the counters and giving a stunning makeover to your otherwise plain kitchen.

Royal Blanc

Nothing can beat the brilliance of pure white surfaces. White indeed tends to get dirty quickly, but they are also bright, shiny and make your kitchen look lively and more extensive than it is in reality. Hence, if you are looking for a plain white quartz tone, you should definitely consider choosing Royal Blanc. There is no design, no contrast, and no print. All that you get is pure, milky white.


Whites are not the only colour that makes your house and kitchen sober and elegant. Grey is another popular choice when it comes to the colours of quartz countertops. In fact, If you want to add a professional expression to your kitchen, making it as gorgeous as the kitchens in cooking shows, you should opt for grey tones. Here are the top three shades of grey that are suitable for kitchens


This is one of the darker shades of grey-coloured quartz. The colour is inspired by slate countertops and offers a similar visual depth. This colour stands out due to the smart play of warm undertones in the overall dark grey background. The shade is not only bold but also establishes a relaxed and welcoming ambiance.

Uptown Grey

Uptown grey is a rather interesting colour for quartz countertops. This shade has low saturation and contrast. But its beauty lies in the embellishments highlighted in pearl white hues. These prints are spread uniformly across the entire expanse of the material. The cool undertones are designed skillfully with a contemporary touch making them perfect for kitchens.


Just as the name suggests, the patterns on storm-coloured quartz countertops look similar to wisps of wind on a stormy day. In a moderately dark grey background, you will find whimsical wisps of white. The overall design resembles a stormy night. The texture and overall design are also a lot similar to grey marble.


One of the biggest reasons homeowners prefer to have black-coloured kitchen surfaces is that they’re perfect for hiding stains and marks. Also, black-coloured surfaces are easy to maintain and clean. But along with these advantages, you also have to agree that black offers a mysterious, stunning, and yet sober touch to kitchen countertops. Here are the top two shades of black that you should consider for your kitchen:

Black Coral

There is no shade of black as beautiful as the black coral quartz. On a pitch-black background, the shade highlights tiny white embellishments uniformly distributed across the stone. The pearl white and cool grey prints on the black background brightens up the counter and make it resemble a beautiful starry night.


This is a popular black quartz colour that has a marble-like appearance on a shiny crystal-like material. Unlike the grey storm quartz, the white wisps here are much calmer and uniform. The patterns are pretty identical and create an overall serene and relaxing effect.


The right colour can change the entire theme of your kitchen. Whether you wish to offer a welcoming vibe or a professional ambiance, everything depends on selecting the right colour. You have a plethora of colours to choose from if you go for quartz countertops.

Every colour offered by quartz is beautiful and unique. So regardless of what you choose, you can expect to have a beautiful kitchen countertop that’s long-lasting, stain-resistant as well as affordable. Always consider taking a professional’s opinion before deciding the colour. They might help you to blend in your kitchen colours.

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