What Are The Odds Of Getting Into A Car Accident?


Various studies say that every person who regularly drives on the road has a chance of being in a car accident at least once in their life, be it a major one or a fender bender. However, certain factors can influence your chances: where you live, the number of miles you drive, the car you drive, your driving skills, etc. Whatever the scenario is, you really need competent car accident lawyers to back you up in pursuing your case. Check out this post and learn more where you can find expert car accident lawyers who are willing to help you in no time.

You may think you are an experienced driver, and thus, you can avoid car accidents, but that is usually not so. While you can maintain your driving, you cannot control the millions of careless drivers on the road. Should you ever suffer a personal injury in the Vegas area, contact an attorney today.

Car accident statistics

A survey involving drivers showed that 77% of the drivers were involved in one or more accidents. It also states that an average person is expected to be in at least three or four car accidents in their lifetime. However, car accidents are a broad category that includes everything from a fender bender with few injuries to a catastrophic accident with fatal injuries.

The same survey showed that your chances of being in a fatal accident, about three in a thousand, is way lower than that of being in a fender bender. It is noteworthy that the probabilities change from individual to individual. For example, if you tend to drive recklessly or often drive in a drunk state, your chances of being in a hazard are more than a responsible driver who follows all traffic laws.

Car accident injuries by age: Statistics

  • The government creates an annual report comprising the top ten reasons why people visit the emergency room. Let us look at the statistics.
  • Car accident victims aged between five and nine are the number 7th cause of emergency room visits.
  • Car accident victims up to the age of 14 are the number 5th cause of ER visits.
  • People in the age group 15-24 take the number 3rd spot on the list.
  • The age group affected the most by car accidents is 25-34. They rank number 1 on the list.
  • People aged between 35 and 40 are the fifth top cause of ER visits.
  • Car accident victims aged between 45 to 64 are the sixth top cause.
  • People of age 65 and older are the 4th top cause of emergency room visits.

Car accidents happen when we least expect them. No matter your age, a car accident can be extremely difficult to deal with. If someone’s negligence has led you to the ER room, you must take legal action and seek compensation. To help you with the process, hire an attorney today.

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