What are the top online LPN programs in 2022?


There has never been a better time to work in the medical industry, and becoming an LPN is one of the most satisfying and practical routes. Regardless of their title or position, healthcare professionals make a difference in patients’ lives but Licensed Practical Nurses give patients the direct attention and compassion they need when they need it most.

The need for healthcare professionals is increasing as the population ages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that there will be 2.6 million new jobs in the sector over the next ten years. So get your credentials to position yourself for a secure career with lots of room for advancement. A great way to do that is by enrolling in one of the top online LPN programs highlighted below.

What is an LPN Program?

LPN, or licensed practical nurse, is a nursing title that can be earned quickly; candidates can go from considering a career to beginning work in a little over a year.

Here are the online LPN programs which have the entry-level nurses who work in almost any setting where care is provided, but most work in nursing homes and rehabilitation centres. LPNs assist patients and their families with eating, bathing, toileting, and understanding the treatment plan in place. At the same time, the medical staff relies on their skills in administering intravenous drugs and medications, monitoring patient vitals, and ensuring that care is effective.

Here are the top online LPN programs

1. Holmes community college

Holmes Community College is a public college in the heart of Mississippi. The practical nursing program prepares students to benefit the community through health and well-being promotion, education, and community service. It provides campus-based and distance education LPN programs, a full-time day track, and a hybrid option.

2. Lake Area Technical College

In Watertown, South Dakota, there is a public community college called Lake Area Technical College. A full-time and part-time campus option and a full-time and part-time online option are two of the four paths the school offers to earn an LPN degree. Only South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska residents may apply for the Practical Nursing E-Degree.

3. Ashland Community and Technical College

In Ashland, Kentucky, there is a public community college called Ashland Community and Technical College. It belongs to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and is an open-admissions institution. The program provides hands-on training to preserve wellness and avoid illness and nursing theory classes that can be taken online or in person.

4. Pinellas Technical College

Conventional on-site and hybrid online programs are available for practical nursing. Although the online program delivers most of its academic theory via computers, the two are identical. Most of the time, clinical hours are scheduled on weekends and evenings. Students who wish to complete their clinical hours at locations other than those close to the school are not permitted to do so.

5. Northland Community and Technical College

Although all general education courses are available online, Minnesota State Board of Nursing policy requires on-site attendance for six specific courses. Clinical and other on-site requirements for the Practical Nursing, Diploma program, to be completed at the East Grand Forks, MN campus.

Final words

Talking about technicality, there is a great demand for nurses. This demand will continue to grow over the next decade, which means you can find a mission you have a passion for and then make a career out of it. In 2018, about 3.4 million registered nurses and 1.9 million licensed practical nurses were employed in the U.S. This number is expected to grow by about 22% from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average for all other occupations.

The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission accredited many online LPN programs. You should also check with your state’s licensing board to ensure that your chosen program is licensed.


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