What Are the Top Options When Looking for Clip-In Hair Extensions?

If you feel that your natural hair does not live up to the volume or length you crave, adding clip in hair extensions to the mix is an excellent solution that you can instantly achieve.

With so many different varieties and options available, it can be hard to find and choose the top options for clip-in extensions. Especially if you are new to using hair extensions, then it can be a difficult choice indeed.

Here is a list of the best clip-in extensions that you can consider while shopping for one.

Clip-in Hair Extensions – Human Hair Or Synthetic?

When it comes to clip in hair extensions, two types are widely used by many – Human Clip-in Hair Extension and Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extension.

The synthetic extensions are, yes, made of different synthetic materials. And the human hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair.

If you are struggling to choose one out of these two options, it is better that you don’t dwell more on it. This is because the obvious best choice out of two is human hair extension, without a doubt.

It is better to choose human hair extensions because:

  • They give you a 100% real and natural look
  • They blend with your existing hair easily
  • You can style human hair extensions in a better way
  • Maintenance and care becomes easy

Even though the advancements in technology have been improving the make and quality of synthetic clip-in hair extensions, it cannot come close to the actual hair extension when comparing the authenticity and overall look.

Once you choose human hair clip-in hair extension, what are the top options available regarding color and style?

Curly Clip-In Extensions

If you are going for a bombshell getup with loose and big bouncy curls, curly clip-in hair extensions are the right option. For better styling, you can go for the ones that have permanent weaves already set in them.

Do you adorn chemically straightened or naturally straight and beautiful hair? And, do you miss the waves and bouncy curls? If yes, then these clip-in extensions will compliment you like no other.

All you should do is clip in the extensions and use a heat tool to curl your natural hair to blend them perfectly.

Short Hair Clip-In Extensions

There are no set rules that hair extensions are only supposed to make your hair look longer and voluminous. You can also apply crown clip-in hair extensions or short hair extensions to add fullness to your hair without increasing the length.

The short extensions work best on medium-length manes. You can choose extensions ranging from 8” to 10” lengths or customize them according to your requirements.

To add more dimension to the style, you can also mix and match extensions that are one shade lighter than your hair color. To jump on the on-trend look, add subtle waves to the hairdo using a reliable heat tool.

Blonde Hair Clip-In Extensions

No one can say no to a sexy blonde clip-in hair extension. This color gives you a sexy look with an edge, and the extra-long voluminous tresses will surely turn you into the center of attention at any stage.

In general, clip-in extensions make it easy to add length and volume to any hair. Choosing a blonde clip-in on top of this will act as icing on the cake.

Some of the many shades of blonde that you can choose from are:

  • Platinum Blonde
  • Lightest Blonde
  • California Blonde
  • Pale Ash Blonde
  • Sunset Blonde
  • Natural and Golden Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Malibu and Rodeo Drive Blonde

Whether you are heading to a ceremonious or an informal party, a festival, or whatnot, these colors will give you and your hair a flawless look as you go.

Ponytail Clip-In Extensions

Ponytail is a go-to hairstyle that comes to everyone’s rescue whenever needed. A bouncy, thick, and wavy ponytail is a classic hairstyle that compliments different styles, different events, and different make-up ideas.

However, if your hair is short and thin, it will become impossible to achieve the look. But, don’t worry, this is where ponytail clip-in hair extensions come into play.

All you should do is style your natural hair in a ponytail and clip in the extensions at the base. Add some weft of extensions to it, and voila, you are all ready to go.

From color to style and length, clip-in extensions can work well with anything and everything. So, choose one from the above options and purchase it soon before your next party or event comes up.