What Are The Various Ways To Check The Car Is Stolen Or Not?


The used car market turns out to be a slight surge in the selling the potential threat vehicle, and most of the buyers are emptied their pocket in buying a risky one. So, it’s expert advice to collect the details of the used car before you disbursing to a huge investment. It is a fact that only 40% of the stolen cars are recovered. The burglars are highly pointing towards car models like Ford Fiesta, Range Rover, VW Golf, Ford Focus and BMW 3 Series.

You have few ways to minimise the risk of buying a stolen car that includes what you have to do before making the payment process. Here, get to know how police stolen car check plays the main role in deciding your dream vehicle and make a hassle-free purchase.

Why the car thefts are still increasing?

The stolen car crime rate is increasing, and many reasons are there to point out this surge. The real threat is that though technology improves in a good way, it also becomes one of the key reasons for burglars to keep an eye on such techy cars. This means the keyless cars are eye-catchy for the burglars, where it is easy to ignite the systems safely by hacking even if the owner used high-quality mechanical systems.

The crime is an organised one as per the police statement. The burglars keep tricks by selling such theft cars through the social media business, a newly added crime. More than that, they are clever as selling the car by hiding the original identity, and if no one chooses to buy, then the vehicle is moved to a “chop shop”.

So, for the owners who lost the vehicle to the thieves, ensure you look at the nearby scrapyard, online selling vehicle portals as these are two options where possible can do! But the chances of finding a stolen car UK is still at least chances even after using the tracker.

How to check the stolen car with a license plate?

 Buying a stolen car unknowingly is always a daunting experience where no one wants to involve in such situations. The used car market has one-third of the vehicle with a hidden history, and it turns into a nightmare for those who least likely to take the vehicle inspection before paying for a new one.

The seller won’t give away the stolen vehicle as there are few modifications to cover up the original vehicle identity. You can conclude it is an easy task to tell which vehicle is stolen? To know you are not paying for the stolen car, there are various things to confirm before buying a used car. It includes,

1. Is the seller showing the original V5C?

You have to ensure the seller is not faking the documents (log book). It can found by looking at the DVLA watermark in the V5C.

2. Keep an eye on the numbers

You need to verify the car number plate matches with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

3. Common hints

Mostly, the stolen cars don’t come with the logbook, so people try to sell the stolen cars by excusing that the vehicle logbook sent to the DVLA for updating. The common rule is that don’t fall for the words.

So, it’s better to wait for the logbook or else walk away from the deal.

4. From where you buy matters:

Suppose you are planned to buy from a private seller then ensure you ask them for proof of identification. You can cross-check whether the given details match the address shown on the logbook or say current owner details are similar; if not, it’s a red signal.

5. How police help you?

You can request the police as the stolen car database is in their hand. Cross-check whether the vehicle number is anywhere registered before.

6. One simple step

The police car check from Car Analytics helps you out by just entering eh car registration number. To check the stolen car, you are required to spend few bucks, which is pocket-friendly. The plus is you can also know whether the vehicle has any other potential issues by reviewing its history.

Never bothered to take a car check before? The ramifications of buying the stolen cars would nullify your money and time spent on it. Even, you bought it from a reputed seller for a decent amount, once the police found the vehicle is stolen, and then the vehicle will be seized from you. Finally, you lost your vehicle, the amount spent on it, and only the least chances to get help from an insurance based upon the company policy.

Don’t invest your hard-earned money in such a potential threat vehicle and feel betrayed later.

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