What Are Top 3 Best Selling Video Games 2020?


So far, the ongoing events about the pandemic have completely affected our lifestyle, our ways of living, as well as our time management. Due to various anti-epidemic measures opposed by the vast majority of governments and health care organizations, such as the WHO, more and more people are spending their time indoors, either working from home or by doing any other non-business activity, such as training, binge-watching a TV show, or, of course, playing some of their favourite free slot games no download or any other video games! Well, if you are one of those occupying with the last mentioned activity, then you would have a lot to rejoice, while 2020 was an exceptional year for the video games industry! Aware of the fact that people will mostly be spending hours and hours in front of the gaming console/PC, developers have literally rushed to release a palette of new titles in order to take advantage of the ongoing situation!

2020 Releases

So, after a kind of a slow start in January with the Dragon Ball Y: Kakarot and Warcraft 3: Reforged, as well as with Hero: Showdown and One Punch Man: The Hero Nobody Knows, we could see some amazing releases throughout spring and summer, among them Doom 64, MLB The Show 20, Resident Evil 3, Predator: Hunting Grounds, then Iron Man VR, Wasteland 3, FIFA 21, Watch Dogs: Legion, Animal Crossings: New Horizon, and many more! All those, combined with some spectacular 2019 releases, such as the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will give you more than plenty of material to fill your time with during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic!

Best Selling Video Games in 2020

So, what are the top 3 most played, and therefore the best-selling video game titles so far? According to multiple companies working on various gaming industry-related statistics and calculations, the order goes this way:

  • Place number 3 belongs to relatively recently released Madden NFL 21, a title from Electronic Arts.
  • Place number 2 goes to Animal Crossings: New Horizon, released by Nintendo, and
  • Place number 1 among top-selling games so far in 2020 belongs to the legendary FPS video game named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

Madden NFL 21

Released on the 28th of August, 2020, this new EA title has raised a serious interest among the players worldwide, especially those fond of American football and the National Football League. Although Electronic Arts had some minor issues with glitches in the following days after the release, this problem was quickly fixed, making Madden NFL 21 a top-notch sports video game, threatening to overtake the market with its gameplay quality, as well as because of the fact that this game practically hasn’t had any worthy competitor so far. 

Madden NFL 21 Playing Modes

Madden NFL 21 introduces several new playing modes, such as The Yard! When in this mode, you will simply forget about crowded stadiums while it is fully concentrated on pure arcade play with tribal jerseys and a variety of trick plays! Another mode you can enjoy is the Street-style mode, with fast-paced gameplay and smaller, 6-players teams. If you are looking to get out from the boundaries of classic American football, you will simply love the customizable Superstar KO mode! And for those interested in both playing football and managing some famous team, the Franchise mode is back, bringing in some innovations that differ it from previous versions! And for the most serious players, there is the Madden Ultimate Team mode, through which you can earn points either by pumping up those gaming hours or by realizing player transactions, all in favour of creating the best possible team to compete with!

As for now, you can play the game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, while the PS5 version is estimated to be available soon.

Animal Crossings: New Horizon

Animal Crossings

Released by a popular gaming company with a long tradition – Nintendo, back in March 2020, the Animal Crossing: New Horizon sequel is dedicated only for those players using their Nintendo Switch console. It is a pretty relaxing game that provides you with the possibility of numerous customizations and adjustments, so you can, in a way, personalize your interface, as well as your gameplay. It also introduces a wide range of activities, which will keep you out of routine and boredom.

The storyline is set on a desert island, and you start your gameplay alongside two animal friends. The starting goal is to settle in this uninhabited region by setting up new tents instead of houses, and the good thing about it is that you can actually craft the tents, instead of spending money buying them!

The Island

The island pretty much resembles a classic Animal Crossing town the players are probably used to already, providing help in the form of Tom Nook and the nephews to help you get used to living on an island. This help includes trading of various goods and buying tools, Nook’s Cranny shop, as well as the museum to which you can donate fossil remains. After a couple of days on the island, you will unlock the possibility of replacing tents with actual houses, as well as a variety of other supplements, such as the previously mentioned Nook’s Cranny shop!

And like in any other Animal Crossing sequel, you are free to steer the gameplay in any direction you want! You can choose to build and develop the island, fish, hunt, clear trees in order to make a playground, etc. And the best thing about it is that all of this is occurring in real-time! The game follows the day-night cycle, as well as seasonal cycles, adjusting the weather according to the ongoing season! 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Although released back in October 2019, this worldwide popular FPS game from a reputable developing company known by the name of Activision still holds the first place among the top-sellers in the world of video gaming! And when it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there is not much to say, while the whole review can be summed up in a couple of words: absolutely amazing! The players can await a pretty tense action with an emphasis on the military theme, full of challenges, but also full of brutal and violent scenography.

The main difference between Modern Warfare and previous sequels lies in the map construction. For the first time, the Call of Duty game has decided to steer away from standard 3-lane maps and turn to open-end maps, but not entirely, so you can come across both of these types. Open-end maps, combined with numerous camping locations and a brutally fast time to kill (TTK), will certainly make the players have a more cautious approach.

The gameplay has one fine addition as well – the ability to mount your weapon on the vast majority of surfaces, such as, for instance, the wall corner that serves as your cover during a shootout. The structure of the game also comes with a new addition – the gunsmith mode, through which you can add a variety of attachments to each and every piece of your weaponry, therefore customizing it in the way that suits your playing style!

Let’s Start!

So, after getting familiar with top-selling games in 2020, the only thing left to do is to grab your joystick/keypad & mouse and start enjoying either one of these amazing titles! No matter which one you choose – a bloody Modern Warfare or the relaxing Animal Crossing island one thing is for sure – you will have a great time playing!

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