What Are Transportable Doors


A portable building is a new trend in the construction industry. Even better, the building offers you several options in terms of style, size, budget, and construction materials.

For many people, choosing the right transportable house is overwhelming. But don’t worry, this article will take you through the process.

How to Choose the Right Transportable Home?

1. Understand Why You Want the Building

Why do you want to buy a transportable house? The answer to this question will narrow down your options.

For instance, are you planning to use the space as an extra office, warehouse, or guest house? Here are some of the common reasons why people buy transportable homes.

  • Create an extra room
  • Create an additional storage space
  • Avoid DIY shortcomings

Some people will use their transportable house as a multi-purpose building. If that’s the case, then opt for a house with a larger interior space.

Before making a purchase, assess whether there’s a likelihood your needs will change in five or ten years.

After understanding your needs, it’s time to further narrow down your options.

2. Check the Materials

Transportable homes are either made from wood, plastic resin, or metal. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, wood is common in transportable doors, they’re strong and durable. If well, constructed, it can last a lifetime.

A metal home is cheaper and highly durable. In most cases, they’re resistant to rot and pests. If metal homes are not built properly, then there’s the risk of rusting and leaking.

Plastic resin is lightweight making them easy to move. However, these are not easily customizable and don’t last long.

Take time and choose the material that meets your needs.

3. Budgetary Allocation

Money is a scarce resource. As such, you must use it prudently. Having a budget works to narrow down your options.

However, don’t compromise value for money. Yes, a poorly made transportable home will cost you less in the short term. The repair, maintenance, and eventual replacement cost might cost you more in the long run. Don’t go for this option.

Take your time and ascertain that you’re getting value for money.

4. Existing Structures

Do you want to create more space in your home or office? Then buy a transportable house that replicates the style and décor of the existing structure. But doesn’t mean a complete replica.

A beautiful portable building that complements your house is magical.

5. The Delivery Method

Yes, the house is portable. But that doesn’t mean you can easily move it around alone. No!

Before making the purchase, assess how it’ll get to your compound. Will the manufacturer charge you for delivery? Who will do the installation?

Well, several manufacturers deliver the house at zero cost. But don’t assume! Seek clarification from the manufacturer before sealing the deal.


A transportable house offers unique flexibility and lasting quality at a cheaper cost than conventionally built house. And even better, the construction process abides by the set building codes and regulations, thus, quality isn’t compromised. As a property owner, your task is to decide on the style and design of your home. With this, look for a competent manufacturer to make and install your dream home. At Larnec, we specialize in the production of quality transportable doors at a fair price.

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