What Career Is the Best in the Oil and Gas Industry


When people get asked about what field they want to pursue in their future, most would reply with a career in fields such as medicine, engineering, or teaching, etc. What if you get to know that there is an industry out there that has the potential of paying more than most of these?

The energy sector, which is where the oil and gas industry lies, plays a major role in the GDP of a country. In 2018, the US spent 6.2% of its GDP on energy. The oil and gas industry is very diverse in the way it operates, offering plenty of opportunities to people. In recent times, the crude oil shortage and environmental concerns have had an impact on the industry. Despite that, it keeps operating by incorporating new ways which are not hazardous to the environment, and by considering techniques such as carbon management.

Why Should Anyone Prefer the Oil and Gas Industry?

When looking for a job, people have assorted preferences and needs. For example, if someone is studying law in a university, somewhere in London, and they are looking for someone to write their assignment online. They would have to search for the “best assignment writers UK’s offering” or someone to “write my assignment UK based”, they would have to specify the field and the location. In a somewhat similar way, people choose jobs differently based on their priorities and requirements.

The oil and gas industry pays more than average salary, mainly because of the education qualification needed. Apart from this, there are many financial bonuses. Individual salaries primarily depend on experience levels and what role they are doing in the industry. In addition to this, you will get trained with the latest technology and top-notch equipment along with countless learning opportunities.

What Career Is the Best In This Industry?

Even when people are looking for someone on the internet to do assignments, they would always search for the best assignment writing service in the game. The word “best” is what makes anyone or anything stand out. Let’s have a look at this list of the best careers in the oil and gas industry:

1) Production Engineer:

For the post of production engineer, you must carry a petroleum degree. One of the duties of a production engineer is to monitor the well while it’s flowing and make sure that it works proficiently. They also play a role in equipment selection and design.

2) Project Engineer:

Like every engineer, a project engineer working in an oil and gas industry is concerned with the designs and constructions are safely completed. They also have the responsibility of making sure projects are done under the given budget. They also communicate the progress of the projects to the stakeholders.

3) Mechanical Engineer:

A mechanical engineer has many responsibilities, they help design and develop the equipment used for processing Oil and Gas. Their major focuses are on reliability and sustainability along with safety.

4) Geophysicist:

As the “geo” in the name already suggests, the job of a geophysicist is to study earth. Their responsibility is to determine what is lying beneath the surface of the earth.

5) Drilling Engineer:

They are responsible for all the financial and technical procedures and operations of drilling for oil and gas. They also play a role in maintaining wells and ensuring safety measures.

6) Drilling Supervisor:

A drilling supervisor, supervises the drilling operations and make sure that they are completed on time. Most of the jobs in this field would require a bachelor’s degree but to become a drilling supervisor, you do not need such. Although, the amount of experience you have is taken into consideration. Sometimes employers prefer those with degrees in mechanical engineering or drilling technology.

7) Project Manager:

The highest paying job in the oil and gas industry, without any doubt, is the project manager. The role of a project manager is very holistic, they regulate and monitor the project from the starting till the very end to ensure that there is a flow of communication and that everything is going by smoothly.

Final Thoughts:

To work in the energy sector, particularly, the oil and gas industry, is very rewarding, but you have to do your research. Look for what is that, you are most suitable for, and the education required for it. Once you are sure of what you want to pursue, you should set your goals, and get going.

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