What Casino Games Payout the Best?

Choosing an online casino game can be quite a task especially when there are so many of them available. The payout statistics vary differently for different games and the internet is full of payout statistics floating around it.

The sheer volume of the online casino industry can confuse you when it comes to selecting the ideal game for you. Although there are recommendation sites like 1-casinosenligne.com but you can also refer to this article to know about the games with the highest payout rates.

We have done the homework and compiled a list of a few online casino games that offers the best payouts. Take a look at the list so that you can try your hands at one of these.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the games with the best payout. This game has the highest chances of the odds ruling in your favor. When you are playing Blackjack, you are playing against a dealer and no other poker professionals which makes your chances of winning quite probable.

The house edge percentage in this game is 1% in most of the casino games and a payout percentage of 99.37%. It is a great game for novice players. Quite easy to play, this game has offers high chances of winning for novice players.

2. Craps

This is yet another casino game with one of the best payout rates. The dice game has the second best odds next to Blackjack with the winning probability of nearly 50-50. Even though the game may seem to be a bit intimidating to play for novice players but it is not really that hard to learn.

In the end all you need to do is bet on a rolling dice which over time you can easily learn to strategize.  You can also check out the winners are grinners brand for options.

3. Roulette

A roulette wheel is very simple to play and pays the players fairly well. The simple logic is the dealer will spin the wheel and if your number turns out you win the round. If you simply stick to blacks and reds in this game, your chances of winning are a 50-50. If the dice lands on a red and you have placed your bet on a red your bet will be doubled.

While chance of winning seems 50-50 as you simply have to choose a color between two colors but there’s one simple catch; the extra 0 to 100 position green which gives the house the required edge.

4. Dunder

This fairly new casino game has been doing it rounds since 2016, but it is quite popular with its impressive payout rates. This online casino game has a dedicated player base which they have earned by providing an unparalleled online casino experience with a generous payout percentage of 97.85% at last check.

Get on board with this impressive casino gaming world to earn high rates of potential profits.

5. Video Poker Selection

This is another online casino game with quite a high rate of payout percentage as high as 98 – 99.3%. The game offers around 20 poker machines for to play in real time with the best possible returns than other online casino games.  Make sure you check out situs poker online for great options.


As you know there is a wide range of online casino games available all over the internet but most of them can lend you in a scam with you losing obscene amounts of your money. The games also vary considerably from one casino to another. So in this article we listed all the highest paying games in the online casino industry. Read the list carefully so that the next you try your hand at online casinos the odds of you winning increases manifold.