What Cooking Contest Shows are Available on Discovery Plus?


For cooking enthusiasts who seek culinary thrill, cooking contests are the best way to discover uniqueness in recipes and taste. With Discovery Plus, there’s no shortage of excitement for foodies and beginner cooks. It has a variety of cooking contests available where the home cook and professional chefs compete in a culinary challenge to win cash prizes and prestigious titles.

Here are some cooking contest shows available on Discovery Plus:

1. MasterChef

This is one of the most exemplary cooking contest shows. It started in 2010 as an American cooking competition reality show, now streaming on Discovery Plus. The show features talented home cooks globally competing with each other for the title of MasterChef and the cash price.

The process of this show includes different elimination rounds. In each round, contestants are given the asset of ingredients to cook a dish in a limited time. The judges then taste and evaluate the dish. One contestant with a poor dish taste gets eliminated in each round. This show isn’t just about cooking and competition; it displays a bond among the contestants and their passion for food and cooking.

2. Tournament of Champions

The show is full of thrillers and the uniqueness of the food, inaugurated in 2020 and hosted by “Guy Fieri.” In this show, Guy Fieri brings the top 16 chefs around the world who have been title winners in different cooking contests for head-to-head battles. The ultimate challenge and twist of this show are contestants don’t get exposed to ingredients they will use for the task. Instead, they have only a few moments before the competition begins to put their understanding of ingredients and their culinary expertise to the test. The challenge is to check their creativity in making the best dishes possible.

This show will be your favorite if you want to see experienced chefs pushing their limits and putting their expertise and creativity into the taste and presentation of a dish.

3. Chopped

This American reality show started in 2009 and has seen 54 seasons, which Ted Allen hosted beautifully. This show features the competition among the four chefs in a 3 round culinary battle using mysterious ingredients.

In the process of this show, chefs are given a basket of mysterious, unusual, and unexpected ingredients that they have to use in making dishes. The biggest challenge and uniqueness of this show is that ingredients could be unfamiliar, so contestants must use their culinary creativity to transform those ingredients into delicious dishes within a specific time limit. The chefs get evaluated on their ability to utilize the mysterious ingredients creatively in the cooking and overall presentation of the dish. In each round, the weakest of all dishes gets eliminated, and the last chef standing will be the competition winner.

One of the unique aspects of this show is the use of a variety of unusual ingredients that make chefs think idiosyncratic using those ingredients.

4. Guy’s Grocery Games

This is one of the high-energy cooking contests with a combination of both cooking and shopping. The show started in 2013 and now has 32 seasons available on Discovery Plus. It is hosted by “Guy Fieri.” This show is a bit different from other cooking competition shows as it not just involves cooking but also shopping from grocery stores and strategy on what items to buy in a limited time and budget.

The process of show is in a way that it features 4 chefs left running through grocery stores with a limited budget and can only buy 5 items to make dishes. Additionally, it has many obstacles to create a challenge in shopping. One of the biggest challenges in “Guy’s Grocery” is chefs are left in the store with unusual and limited ingredients to work with. Also, sometimes chefs are required to use a particular cooking technique and equipment for making dishes to increase the difficulty level. Chefs get evaluated on creativity in cooking and the presentation of dishes. The chef standing till the end of round 3, is named the winner of the show.

5. Beat Bobby Flay

The show was started in 2013 and has 30 seasons now streaming on Discovery plus. This competition features 2 chefs competing with each other in the preliminary round, and the winner then gets the chance to compete with celebrity chef “Bobby Flay.”

The process of the competition is that in preliminary round 2, chefs compete with each other where they have to make a dish in 20 minutes from ingredients provided by “Bobby Flay.” The judge then tastes and evaluates the dish. The winner then get to compete with the “Bobby Flay” in the next and final round.

In the final round, both the winning chef and Bobby Flay will be provided with the same ingredients, and then they get 45 minutes to prepare a dish. In the end, the winning chef manages to beat Bobby Flay and then will be rewarded with a cash prize.

6. Top Chef

This is one the most entertaining American cooking contest shows streaming on Discovery plus, as this show is full of multiple challenges in every episode. It was started in 2006 and has 20 seasons now. The show features chefs competing with each other in culinary challenges to become the Top chef.

In this show, 16 international chefs representing different reality cooking shows compete with each other throughout the competition. They get judged based on their execution of cooking techniques and the use of unexpected ingredients.

This show has a Quick-fire challenge in which chefs have to make a dish in a limited time, and the winner gets an advantage in the elimination round. Throughout, chefs who create the weakest dishes get eliminated, and in the end, they are crowned as Top chefs.

7. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s kitchen is a rare cooking contest show known for its high-pressure environment and harsh language used by judge Ramsay to motivate contestants. This show premiered in 2005 and has 21 seasons now; in this show, top chefs compete to become the head chef of the restaurant.

The process of this show is each episode features different challenges, and losing contestants get punishment or elimination in each round. The one standing at the end will be the winner and awarded as head chef at the prestigious restaurant as well as a cash prize.

Final words

These are the cooking contest shows available on Discovery plus. So now you can watch just any that suits your interest and learn a variety of recipes from the world’s top chefs to make your food more delicious as they do.


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