What Determines the Costs of Car Rims in Australia


Motorists use rims or wheels for various purposes, either for styling their car or improving handling. But many are aware of what it takes to produce the rims and how it is priced at retail.

If you’ve been wondering for a while, this article explains the main factors determining the cost of the car rims, especially for the Australian market. This information will help you in buying car rims in Australia.

Per reports, Australians spent big on cars and entertainment just after the lockdown was lifted. There was an 84% increase in car expenses. So see for yourself how much you should expect to pay for the car rims.

Type of Rim you Buy

The main influencing cost factor is the type of rim you’re purchasing. There are mainly three types of rims: steel, alloys, and chrome. Each type uses different materials to create the rims, hence the difference in pricing.

First are the steel rims, which have been used since the old days. These are created entirely from steel by powerful hydraulics. These are cheap and simplistic. Because of how they are produced, there’s minimal scope for artistry and flair. Also, they are heavier than other types of rims available today, making them less appealing.

Mag wheels or alloy wheels are the most popular rims in Australia. These cost more than traditional car rims in Australia but also come with a lot of perks. Because they are made from aluminum or magnesium alloys, they’re lighter than steel variants. It improves handling for some car models.

Today, most alloy wheels are made from aluminium, which is less expensive but not as cheap as steel. Furthermore, the rims are coated at a molecular level to resist wear and tear. This can add up to the cost. Chrome rims are a type of coated rims that enhance the rims’ look and tend to cost more.

Another type of rim is carbon fibre rim. These are mainly used in luxury vehicles and sports cars. Thus, the cost tends to be on the higher end.

Car Brand and Rim Manufacturer

The next factor that influences car rims is the car brand. For expensive cars, genuine car rims that are made by established rim manufacturers tend to cost more. It is because of the level of sophistication and quality required to make the rims.

For example, the Forged Wheel rims from Lexani can cost over $4,000 in Australia. The strong metallic frame, along with the futuristic design, makes the bulk of the cost. But the brand itself plays a role for which you pay a premium price. Another famous rim manufacturer, Savini, produces a rim that costs around $3,500.

On the other hand, you can get rims for less than $500 if you drive a Toyota Celica, or Toyota Camry, or Ford Ecosport, or any other vehicle along those lines. Since they’re marketed in the affordable range, the rims are affordable accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to check if they match the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), popularly known as Australian standards for aftermarket parts.


The rims are popular because of the customization they offer. The aesthetic appeal is the primary reason people shop for them. But depending on how much customization you need, the shop will bill you accordingly.

Some people request a coating layer to match the tyres, while others have a sticker requirement. If you demand further refinement on edges and holes, these will increase the cost accordingly. For these modifications, you’d have to drive down to your nearest car restoration and customization store.

For example, a shop in Silverwater may cost slightly less than one in Brisbane. You can also look for stores with several partner locations in every city to offer direct shipping or in-store pick-ups.

The location (because of the varying stamp duties) and the artists that work there can also play a role in determining the final cost. For example, Queensland has additional stamp duty on accessories, spoilers, and modifications, while NSW charges stamp duty at $3 for every $100. So it’s best if you conduct research beforehand.

Rims are a long-term investment. Therefore quality matters too. Lastly, you should always purchase your car rims in Australia from reputed vendors and e-commerce stores to verify warranties and complete peace of mind.

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