What Devices Should Be Placed on the Music Lover’s Table?


Each melomaniac can’t imagine his/her life without favorite music even during the workday at the office. Such a person has to equip the workplace in a particular way in order to get real audial enjoyment and a charge of positive emotions. How he/she can do it? Easily! Special devices are able to give access to music and improve sound quality. Music lovers will definitely like the following top.

1. Bookshelf Speakers

These devices are presented in a great variety, so you can choose one of the best bookshelf speakers under 2000 dollars personally for you. Modern models have design versatility and the ability to logically and fascinatingly reveal the essence of music recordings. They bring good detail, naturalness, and integrity of timbre playing. It is better to purchase a pair of simple rubber mouse pads and put them between pedestals and speakers to ensure stability on the table and rinse vibrations. The minimum distance from the wall to the unit’s rear panel is 2-4 inches, depending on the speaker systems design. It would be amazing if the wall behind the speaker is draped with something sound-absorbing.

2. Wireless Headphones

The sound of such small units is balanced and detailed; they can handle high-resolution audio up to 24bit/48kHz. These modern headphones give surround soft bass, wide stage, and wonderful balance of frequencies. Quite often such units fully cope with noise and direct sound specific to the auricle. Fast charging and capacious battery present most devices autonomy for up to 40 hours. Such headphones can be available in beige, black, red, and other colors, so you can easily choose not only a useful but an aesthetical unit for music listening.

3. Sleep Tunez

The Sleep Tunez Mask with built-in speakers allows you to listen to the music while having some pauses during the workday. The mask can be connected to any smartphone or Bluetooth gadget at a short distance. Usually such unit has 3 buttons – volume control, the choice of the previous or next song, the answer to calls. Yes, this soft gadget works like a headset and it has a built-in microphone. It’s covered with microfiber, which doesn’t put pressure on the eyelids during the nap. The Sleep Tunez is battery powered – it can be charged via a micro USB cable and operating time can reach 6 hours after 1,5 hours of charging.

4. Minimalistic Cassette Player

This device looks like a pocket clip and is a great way to feel nostalgia for the classic cassette player, which were popular 20-25 years ago. The principle of its operation is clear: it is enough to slightly raise the movable part of the clip and place it in the opening of the cassette, after which the player will begin to rotate the sleeve at the required speed (which is automatically adjusted using an optical sensor) and read the information from the magnetic tape with the pickup head. If you want to listen to the music personally, plug in the headphones to a 3.5mm audio port. The battery charging and transferring the audio stream to the PC is performed via the mini-USB connector.

5. Gaming Headset

Mentioned elements are able to perform useful functions for music lovers too. Most gaming headsets have a full-size form factor because the manufacturer tries to give to the listener a maximum of emotions, and it’s easy to do this with the help of a traditional design, when the ear cushion and the headphone bowl completely cover the ear, allowing the auricle to affect the sound in a similar way as the person can hear it without headphones. Ramping noise insulation has a positive effect on the sound detailing and on its perception of integrity. Among the great music quality, the microphone can help hear the customer clearly while talking via, for example, Skype.

6. Portable Vinyl Player

Some of such devices work from batteries and some from the network, but all of them use standard headphones for listening. They have a tangential tonearm, direct drive, and the pre-installed on the factory MM-head. Moreover, certain models have a track search system and auto-stop. The vinyl records can be played both horizontally and vertically due to the reliable fixation. It’s hard to call such units very compact, but vinyl sound lovers will find the place on the table for it.

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