What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

A lot probably don’t know that porch lights are set not just to help them find their way in the dark but also to help them express something through these lights’ color and brightness that they bring.

Generally, color and lighting play an important role in our day to day lives. Having a deeper sense of understanding about the different colors and what they signify helps us create a more welcoming and positive environment. Your porch light is just one of these things.

Every porch light color signifies differently from each other. So, what does a blue porch light mean?

Read to find out!

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

A blue porch light may symbolize two general things: autism awareness and honoring police officers.

The Enlightened Landscape Lights started to designate a blue porch light as a symbol of autism awareness after the United Nations General Assembly in 2007 declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. Hence, three years after the declaration, Autism Speaks used this color for their campaign called Light It Up Blue as a way to spread awareness about the said celebration.

So, whenever you see your neighborhood turning their porch lights blue especially on April 2nd or even all throughout the month, then the reason won’t be a surprise to you anymore. In fact, you may do the same.

Another thing that a blue porch light symbolizes is honoring police officers. In 2017, residents in Placer County, California set their porch lights blue to show respect and solidarity for police officers and their loved ones.

Other meanings

Some would say that a blue light may also signify safety. Therefore, if you want to welcome those who feel unsafe and threatened, you may allow them to stay in your home and make it as their temporary safety place.

A blue porch light is believed to boost alertness, elevate the mood, and improve your well-being as well. These are just some of the common meanings that blue porch lights have brought.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Porch Light

Choose a warm color.

Your porch light must invite guests and not moths. So, choose a warm color that has a soft glow and is not too bright. This way, moths won’t be attracted to it and party around your porch light.

On the other hand, soft glowing porch lights don’t attract much attention from passersby which will keep you on the safer side. Too glaring porch lights that will cause any eyes to stir may invite danger.

For example, a white porch light is known to give that soft glow compared to a pink light that surely catches attention.

Have the right size for your porch lights.

Your porch light’s size matters in a way that it can affect your house’s overall design if not chosen well. So, make sure to check the lights’ dimensions before considering buying them.

Don’t forget the general rule of thumb— 70 watts.

Apparently, you don’t want to annoy your neighbors with your porch lights glowing beyond 70 watts. Considering this will also help you save energy especially if you want to leave your porch lights on all night.

Consider LED lights.

In terms of being durable and energy-efficient, LED lights will never go wrong. From UV lights for urine detection to LED bulbs for RVs, LEDs have gone a long way to serve their purposes in every household or business. They last longer and perform way better than traditional lights or so-called their counterparts.


Now that you know the hidden significance of installing porch lights, you may want to start deciding on a color that truly speaks what you support and believe. Of course, aside from attracting visitors with your outdoor glow, the color of your porch light should give a positive effect on your psychological health.

Allow it to affect your or other people’s mood in a good way. Learn more about the meanings of other colors so you will be able to choose well!