What does a physical therapist do?

Nowadays a lot of people have a sedentary lifestyle because of spraying of online work from electronic devices or on the contrary they expose themselves to physical exertion and stress. In both cases, the musculoskeletal system suffers. It indicates damage through discomfort and pain in the back, neck, limbs, and joints with a line of external symptoms. On such occasions, people visit a rheumatologist in Queens to solve their problems.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a field of medicine that is necessary for chronic diseases of bones, joints, tissues, muscles, and rehabilitation after operations. It requires the application of magnetic fields, light waves, ultrasonic radiation, high temperature, and electric current. You may need it if you feel unpleasant symptoms that complicate daily life by making elementary actions such as moving or sitting unbearable. Queens’ physical therapy improves the corporeal condition of the organism, its sustaining power, and coordination.

This kind of therapy has a lot of advantages:

  • painless with minimal side effects, so, even children endure it normally;

  • long-term curing result and restraining the progression of the disease;

  • stimulation of immunity and improvement of blood circulation;

  • enhancement of the action of drugs with concomitant use that allows reducing the duration of medication. It decreases the loan on the body;

  • safe method of treatment in the absence of contraindications.

What does a physical therapist do?

A rheumatologist in Queens evaluates different parameters to understand where the issue lies: posture and gait, quality of movement, the reaction of the heart-vascular system to loads, balance and coordination, the work of respiratory tract, muscle tension, and so on.

After a detailed analysis, a doctor together with a patient sets the final goal and selects a method of its achievement. Then a specialist provides physical therapy sessions and facilitates the client’s adaptation to the conditions. A rheumatologist in Queen also adds some exercises such as walking or weight lifting to common procedures.

He can teach you a sports program, therefore, you will have the opportunity to do it at home independently. Queens’ physical therapy includes all elements and stages which definitely influence your body. We advise you not to be afraid to see a doctor. Your health will be safe hands without a doubt.

Illnesses Advanced Medical Care works with

A clinic is aware of many types of diseases and it will not be difficult for doctors to distinguish between them. Specialists will help you anyway if you suffer from:

  • migraines (strong throbbing pain in a particular part of a head);

  • arthritis (inflammation of the joints caused by infection);

  • poor balance and gait (feeling of faintness, moving, and vertigo);

  • low back pain (the reason for it can be muscle sprains, injury, or cancer of the spinal cord);

  • fibromyalgia (chronic general pain followed with tiredness, sleep, and memory problems);

  • fractures (break in a bone because of falls and accidents).

This is a non-exhaustive list of diseases, but a company can deal with any problem.