What Does Four Laps Offer?


If there’s one thing you want your post gym snaps to be apart from just looking great, it’s for them to feel great too. You have probably asked yourself, “Is there even a future for performance apparel?”

The answer is yes. The future is here. Four Laps is a performance apparel brand that specializes in state-of-the-art technology when manufacturing their clothes. They’ve been covered by Men’s Health, Forbes, GQ, Esquire, and so many more of the greats. 

Let’s get down to the details and see what Four Laps has to offer. We’ll be highlighting the technology in their best-selling apparel and their newer ones as well so that you know everything from fitting to features why Four Laps is dominating the performance apparel market.

1. 37.5 Technology

Let’s imagine you’re doing a HIIT workout or your gym routine itself is hardcore. You want to preserve as much as energy as is possible so that you invest more of it in your workout. You think you’ve found the answer on a YouTube channel but it’s actually in the 37.5 technology that Four Laps uses to engineer its apparel. 

This secret technology has intelligent particles embedded in the fabric that vent and retain heat. When it’s hot, the active particles will exude heat energy so that sweat evaporates quicker off your body. In colder temperatures, the same particles will retain heat energy in order to keep you warm.

This means your body will spend less energy struggling with maintaining your temperature and you will automatically have more energy to put into your training regime! Cool, right?

It’s especially great for athletes and the tech has proven to help athletes perform even more to their optimum potential.

2. Athletic Fit

All of the gear features an athletic fit so that you look as sharp as ever inching closer to your ideal body. The fit, whether it’s for uppers or lowers, is tapered to allow you a full range of motion. When it comes to shorts or pants, you can say goodbye to all those irritating moments when they’d be pinching or cinching as you move.

3. 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Another gem in the Four Laps innovation chamber is the 4-way stretch fabric. Whether you’re doing box jumps at the gym, mountain-climbers, or even sprints on the track- this fabric gives you the full range of motion you need.

4. Environmentally Friendly

With the ice caps melting and politicians actively denying climate change, we all have to do our part to save the Earth. A major chunk of Four Laps apparel is actually made from recycled fabric such as recycled nylon or recycled polyester. On top of that, they even have jackets with a bio-degradable shell!

5. Moisture Wicking

Sweat is the mark of the warrior but at what cost? No-one likes their pants or shirts to be super soggy and thanks to this technology, your pants/shirts will dry quickly and wick moisture. 

6. Anti-Microbial

One of the most common features of Four Laps apparel is their anti-microbial treatment which keeps you stink-free after a workout. For more comfort, the Flatlock stitching drastically reduces chafing or irritation.

7. Laser-Cut Ventilation

Laser-cut ventilation holes are mostly present in the gym shorts on the Four Laps store and they help in shedding the build-up of hot air. This ultimately aids in regulating your body temperature for a more effective and cool workout. It’s bad enough not eating your favorite dessert, you don’t want to be trapped in your gym clothes too!

8. Hold All Your Valuables

All of Four Laps performance gear is designed to give you everything you could ask for. Which is why their gear has stash pockets or cell-phone pockets or even zippers in the mesh-lining. So you can store your cards, keys, phone, or any other valuables.

After reading these features, knowing that this isn’t even everything that the brand has to offer and that they’ve innovated further with their new arrivals, we can safely say that when it comes to experience, quality, and innovation, Four Laps has shown no compromise. Happy shopping!

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