What Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels In Hervey Bay?


Installation of solar panels is a long-term investment with minimum maintenance. This, however, does not mean ignoring yearly inspection and cleaning for optimum efficiency. Location is a prime factor while considering solar installations for homes or businesses. As sufficient sunlight is a prerequisite for solar power generation, the location of solar panel installations becomes vital. Hervey Bay receives about 4-5 hours of sunshine on an average daily basis, which is excellent for generating solar electricity. Going by this, an average of 18-22 kW electricity can be expected daily by installing a 5 kW solar panel assembly. Experts from Solar Hervey Bay can provide all local support and solutions for your solar panel installations.

Factors Determining Installation Cost For Solar Panels

Several factors come into play while calculating installation costs for a solar panel system. Here we discuss a few major ones to understand their influence.

Location Of Property

As already mentioned, the location of a property is crucial in determining solar panel requirements to generate adequate electricity. Throughout Australia, every state might have varying weather for each season. This means the average amount of available sunlight during the daytime will vary accordingly as well. So to generate the same amount of electricity, property owners in say Perth might need fewer panels installed compared to somebody in Melbourne. Higher altitude and cloud cover for a location can also restrict the absorption of solar energy in PV panels.

Property Orientation

Maximum sunlight is ideal for the peak efficiency of solar panels. As a result, property orientation can largely influence installation costs. Ideally, solar modules should be angled in alignment with the latitude of a property, be it on the roof or ground. While North-facing roofs are best for maximum power generation for panels, East or West facing roofs might demonstrate lower efficiency. Unwanted shading on solar panels due to surrounding trees and obstructions can hinder power generation too. Consequently, the need for additional micro-inverters to enhance energy conversion can increase the overall installation expenditure.

Size And Count Of Panels

Individual energy needs determine the size and count of solar panels that might need to be installed. Usually, installing larger-sized solar panels lowers the cost per watt, including labor costs and overheads. Installing a 5-6 kW solar panel system with sufficient sunlight should satisfy energy needs for an average-sized property at $6 – $8 per watt cost. Simultaneously, depending on the size of panels, the overall cost for purchase can vary from $4,000 to $16,000 on average.

Connected Or Off-Grid

Grid-tied solar systems are more cost-effective compared to their off-grid variants. Connecting to the grid allows property owners to use the electricity mains as a backup when the solar system fails. Such systems do not require any additional battery storage. Which thereby reduces the overall cost of installation substantially.

Rebates On Solar Usage

Throughout the states of Australia, applicable solar rebates can considerably reduce the overall cost for the installation of solar panels. By adhering to the renewable energy target introduced in the country, property owners can be significantly incentivized to switch from general mains to solar electricity. The state has three major applicable rebates to consider: federal rebate, state rebate, and feed-in tariffs. A little research on such government incentivized schemes and subsidies can save a lot of money with solar installations.

Purchasing Options

Solar panels are costing on the higher side for outright purchase and installation. Alternatively, property owners can opt for solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPA) to avoid such one-time expenditures at the start. Some companies even assist with solar purchases through loans to manage costs more effectively.

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Additional Cost Factors For Installation

  • Cost Of Labor – Local labor costs will vary depending on the area and complexity of the work.
  • Mount Installation – Depending on the size and type of mount of the solar panels, such additional requirements mean extra cost.
  • Permits And Taxes – Most solar installations involve a certain kind of permit from the authority that involves additional fees. Apart from that, inspection fees and taxes on the panels are also common in most states.

Solar Installation Cost In Hervey Bay

Standard installations considering an average single-story house with a tin roof should do well with 24kW to 26kW solar electricity per day. This can be achieved with a 6.6kW solar energy system with an average of 4-5 hours of sunshine, as is typical in Hervey Bay. Furthermore, depending on the size and brand of solar panels, such an installation will cost anything between $4,000 up to $5,500.

A double-story or multi-story building in the same area will certainly have a higher cost with all other parameters remaining the same. The Hervey Bay area is prone to tropical cyclones, for which stronger and better quality mounted panels become compulsory, meaning additional expense.

Everything said, speaking to professional experts can help get a better estimate on solar panel installations. Figuring out potential costs might assist in the comparative study for eventual profitability for property owners. Solar electricity is a simple concept with diverse applications to be embraced for a cleaner future.

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