What Does MVP stand for?


MVP is the abbreviated form of Minimum Viable Product. It is a technique or a process in the field of business where an entrepreneur launches its product in the market after understanding their customer’s reaction and feedback and then taking a step ahead to deliver the final product with certain modifications to their targeted audience. Now the question is, what does mvp stand for?

As this technique has three words that stand for MVP, now all these three words have certain information related to them.

The word “Minimum”

At the start of the business, we must always remember to follow the practical methods rather than following conventional methods. Now, these practical methods are such where it needs to be understood and always believe that their customers are the king and to serve their king is their responsibility. Because if the king is not happy, the entire kingdom bears the same. So as in business if the customers are not happy, then our company cannot make progress in the market.

And the conventional methods are like- to research the market and the competitors, to have a great brilliant idea and to hire a perfect team for the work. So using this technique in our business, it really helps in the minimal risk promotion of your launch product.

The word minimum means to prepare a trial basis product with minimum expenses. Hence, you will be able to develop the final product with minimum key points and deliver it to your customers. They will not be too happy with the trial based product initially but do not let them get disappointed, inform them that this product is just for trial.

So if they understand the idea of your trial based product or the initial project of yours and they will be able to give constructive feedback. Then you can start working on the required modifications before launching your final product.

The word “viable”

This word means if the product that is being launched will be successful or not. How will response of the customers be? Is there any beneficial use for them in the market? So is it actually predictability of your product’s market before launching? Because the business runs smoothly after knowing the requirements of the customer.

The word “product”

Product is the services or the item that is being delivered to the targeted audience after the final development of it. It is the main objective that a company is working for and earning its profit from.

So developing a product with just strategy is not enough in these competitive markets, you must also understand your customer’s opinion before the preparation of your product. And also understand how much quantity you need to get prepared for, during the initial stages.


This is one of the best reasons and a hazard-free technique to consider before starting your new project. This technique helps you to minimize your expenses in the preparation of the product. Even if it reduce s the effort that you will give to your product during the preparation or development.

Simultaneously you will be saving a lot of time that you are otherwise going to invest during the project. This all in case if those products experience a failure in the market. So why is it needed to take such a big risk when you can invest your time, money, and effort all at the right time. When you understand the demand for your product and the feedback of your customers, it can work in your favor.

So, think wisely and give this technique a try.