What Does Your Perfume Say About You? Find Out Now


Have you been wondering what the scent you wear says about you? Do you tend to gravitate towards light floral scents or rich woody aromas?

Whether you buy designer fragrances or save money by shopping through a replica perfume dossier – here’s what your favorite fragrance says about you.

The Psychology of Choosing Fragrance

While it’s easy to assume we choose fragrances simply to mask body odor, a 2012 study found that the scent you choose will interact with your unique body odor. Even if two sample perfumes smelled equally pleasant, participants preferred those that blended better with their personal musk.

It’s not silly, therefore, to determine that scent may help us define who we are. Personal scent profiles will mix better with specific perfumes; thus, we can determine aspects of an individual’s personality based on smell alone.


Common Scents: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Gardenia, Peony, and Lilac

You have a soft and innocent personality and have retained your childlike sense of wonder. You are quick to smile and slow to show displeasure. You are a bit of a hopeless romantic, and while you fall in love easily, you love with your whole heart.


Common Scents: Sandalwood, Pine, Moss, Cedar, and Vetviter

You are a strong and steadfast person. You are very down-to-earth and grounded. People in your life can rely on you during tough times. You may ponder things for a while, but once you make a decision, you won’t change your mind.


Common Scents: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, and Almond

If you enjoy scents reminiscent of tasty treats from the kitchen, you are the sort of person who likes to indulge. Many scents, like dark chocolate and vanilla, are also known as aphrodisiacs, meaning you want to smell good enough to eat. You are a little spicy and sassy and a lot of fun.


Common Scents: Animalistic, Powder, Amber, Patchouli, and Oud (Agarwood)

You are comfortable and confident in your own skin. Musk scents are similar to those found in the animal kingdom and are based on the smell released by deer. You are someone who trusts that your own pheromones need only a bit of enhancement. You are charming and have a deep sense of adventure.


Common Scents: Fresh Air, Seaspray, Salt, Driftwood, Dewy Rose, Jasmine, and Earthy Sand

Marine scents tend to combine woody, floral, and musk to create unique fragrances reminiscent of a day at the seashore. If you like oceanic scents, you are a slightly mercurial person. You may change your mind like the tides but can easily go with the flow. Your emotions can sometimes get the better of you, just as the ocean does during a storm.


Common Scents: Lemon, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Apple, Cherries, and Pear

You have an energetic and fun-loving personality! You’re fun and witty and always the life of the party. Bold citrus scents create an invigorating allure, just like you do whenever you enter a room.


Common Scents: Exotic Spice, Resin, Opium, Orchid, and Orange Blossom

You are an enigma; part of your charm is your mysterious personality. Those around you wonder what you’re thinking with your subtle and sultry appeal. You love to dress to impress and are probably a bit of a night owl. You aren’t afraid to wear your sexuality on your sleeve and use your scent as your secret weapon of seduction.

Relive Your Favorite Memories with Maison Margiela’s Replica Perfume Dossier

Most of your favorite perfumes and colognes combine different aspects of these familiar scent profiles to create unique and indulgent fragrances. You may have an innocent and romantic heart with a sensual streak and wear a perfume that is both floral and oriental.

Much of the reason we are attracted to certain scents is because of our unique memories. Neurologically, when we smell something, our olfactory system (nose) sends signals along our neurons directly to our amygdala and hippocampus – the part of our brain responsible for emotion and memory.

The smell of salt and sea may bring you back to walking along the beach on your honeymoon, or the subtle scent of tobacco and butterscotch could make you think of a warm hug from your grandfather.

Maison Margiela’s new replica perfume dossier seeks to evoke memory in its unique line of fragrances, which includes masculine, feminine, and unisex scents. They use scintillating combinations of scent profiles to create perfumes that can transport you back in time.

Try their Jazz club featuring vanilla, tobacco leaf, and orange bitters and be transported to a sensual cocktail bar, or bring back the light and airy days of childhood with the clean and fresh scent of a Bubble Bath.

Whether you prefer woody, musk, floral, or gourmand notes, Maison Margiela’s replica perfumes will have a scent that speaks to your personality and evokes rich memories.

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