What happened to Typical Gamer?



Typical Gamer is a famous YouTube influencer and eSports professional, one of the top Fortnite players. His subscriber base is over 10 million people, making him one of the most influential social influencers.

Born as Andre Rebelo in 1992 in Toronto, Rebelo is an avid gamer since his childhood days. Initially, he started playing GTA V and Red Dead Redemption before moving on to Fortnite.

What makes Typical Gamer great is his light personality and entertaining character. Charming, outgoing, and happy gamer is what gamer is all about.

How Typical Gamer got his name?

Andre`s brother Billy is responsible for the nickname Typical Gamer. The nickname fully describes Rebelo. He played and streamed the most popular games online, including Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Minecraft, Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3, Mob of the Dead, Fallout 4, WWE, Far Cry, and Fortnite.

Successful path of Typical Gamer

Rebelo`s videos have garnered over three billion views, a massive achievement for a YouTube gamer. His fans enjoy following his game commentary, walkthroughs, gameplays, and game reaction videos. Fans follow him because he shows great passion, has a unique approach and goes deep into exploring and explaining games. All of that helps his fans, and they return for more.

Typical gamer is also famous for his fan giveaways. He is regularly giving gaming consoles to his loyal fans, doing that for over five years now. Besides delivering game-related content, gamer also provides news updates, provides insight into things in the gaming industry, and engages with viewers.

Now Typical Gamer delivers his content exclusively for YouTube, increasing his income day after day. His life looks perfect for now, and the number of subscribers is constantly on the rise.

Love Life and Net Worth

Not only is Typical Gamer a thriving online gamer, but he is also in a happy relationship with his Canadian girlfriend, Samara Redway. They live in Vancouver and enjoy life together. She moved to Vancouver for him, and she is also enjoying the success of her partner. Rebelo introduced his girlfriend to the world of social media and YouTube, where she also now has a few channels with personal vlogs, makeup tutorials, Q&As, and gaming videos.

When it comes to riches, Typical Gamer’s estimated net worth is a whopping $9 million. Most of his wealth comes from selling various merchandise on his website, YouTube ads, Twitch streams, and sponsors. He has a fulfilling life and claims that he has reached his goals. He enjoys living his dream life and will continue to deliver various content for his fans.

That is the extraordinary life of Typical Gamer, and thousands of people dream of replicating it. If you want to know more and see what he is about, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch his great videos. You will not only learn more about games, but you can also participate and win a gaming console in his giveaways.

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