What Happens If I Accidentally Commit a Crime?


Even though, for the better part, you might be a law-abiding citizen, there are times when you commit a crime without knowing it. Once you realize that you accidentally committed a crime, you need to figure out what you should do. If you do nothing to rectify your mistake, then chances are you might get persecuted. Here are some of the things you can do when you accidentally commit a crime.

Try to see if you can rectify it

If you committed a crime where no one got hurt, and there was no property damage, you need to find out if you can rectify it. You can find a lawyer in NSW who will guide you on the legalities of the matter. If it is a small issue, such as taking something without knowing and realizing you had it, you can find a way to give it back. While some people might press charges, your lawyer will be there to ensure that this does not happen. You might have to pay the person extra for whatever item you mistakenly took, but that will be all.

Remember, ignorance is not an excuse

If whatever crime you committed warrants being fined or taken to court, ensure you do not argue on the basis if you do not know. Ignorance is never considered an excuse in the court of law, so that is an argument that will be thrown out. Your lawyer will help you figure out how to present yourself in court, so it does not look like you pretended not to know when you committed the crime.

Argue for accident over intention

Another argument you can use should you get sued is you had no intent to commit the crime. Go through the details with your lawyer being as open as possible. They will be able to look at the facts and evidence you have presented and develop a case that shows you did not replace committing the crime. You often find yourself in a situation, and your first reaction ends up being a crime. Maybe you got into an altercation and swung a fist when you got angry. If, in general, you had no issues with the complainant, then it can be seen as something that was not pre-planned. However, if you have threatened to beat up the complainant, you can get the guilty sentence. You must show you had no previous thoughts of hurting anyone or committing the crime, as that is what will have you acquitted.

Going to court can be a scary thing. The only thing you have to do is ensure you put up a strong defense. If you do not understand how the court and its proceedings work, it might be hard for you to follow through with your court proceedings. It, therefore, helps if you can get a good lawyer they will defend in court and ensure that you do not get fined for a mistake you owned up to,

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