What Is 999 Key

After locking the door, you think that you are safe. But are you really? Here comes the issue, lock bumping. Nowadays lock bumping has become a great concern for all of us. It has threatened our security and made the use of pin tumbler locks doubtable.

Thieves use 999 key to bump the lock. So you should know about 999 keys and lock bumping. Today we will understand what 999 key and all about it is. Let’s go down there.

What Is 999 Key?

In recent days, key bumping is happening very frequently all over the world. And the most irritating thing is, it does not leave any clue of picking the lock. And that is why you will not get any funds from insurance companies because of a lack of proper proof.

999 Key

A 999 key is a key of a special cut that is used to bump the lock. It is also known as a bump key. It works in pin and tumbler locks. Generally, the notches of a key are of different heights. But all the ridges of 999 key is of the same height.

All the notches are cut to the maximum depth. And the number 999 is used to symbolize this. But depending on the link the length of the key may vary.

How Is A 999 Key Made?

Different companies have different standards for the heights of the pins. The ridges of 999 keys are cut to the lowest height. You can make it using a key-making machine. The process will take only 4 to 6 minutes. So it is easy to make, and that is why it has spread to all thieves. About 95 per cent of pin and tumbler locks are venerable to lock bumping.

Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a technique for lock picking. It is mainly applied for pin and tumbler locks. Intruders use a bump key or a pick gun to bump the lock. Professional locksmiths use this technique to open collapsed locks. So this technique has both kinds of applications, good and bad. Not you should know it for good reasons.

Working Procedure of 999 Key

In a pin and tumbler lock, there is a plugin the key cylinder. There are 5 to 6 holes in a row on the plug. Again there are two sets of pins in a pin and tumbler lock. Furthermore, there is a key pin in each hole and a driver pins on each key pin.

A little spring is used to push the driver pin on the key pin. If the right key is inserted fully, the driver pins are elevated at the right height and come into alignment. Thus they meet the shear line, and the plug can rotate.

In the case of 999 key, the thing is a little bit different. The cuts of 999 keys do not match the height. Bump key works using Newton’s cradle law. After inserting the bump key, it was hit by an object. Use a screwdriver or little hammer to strike it.

The energy of hitting goes along the bump key. And this makes the driver pins jumping. As the driver pins jump, they match the shear line and come to an alignment for a moment. While doing this, torque is always applied. At that moment, because of the torque, the plug along with the key rotates. This the latch is unlocked.

How to Prevent Lock Bumping?

To protect your things, you need to know how to prevent lock picking. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Use bump proof locks. Some lock companies offer bump proof lock.
  2. Use stainless steel made locks. They do not get attacked by rust.
  3. Take good care of your lock.
  4. Make a site that only you and trusted persons are having the right key.
  5. Sometimes try to open the lock using some random keys. If the lock becomes too fast or easy to open, you can rekey the lock.
  6. Use mechanical keyless locks.

Stay Secured

Bump keys are of great use in a locksmith, but bad guys use this for their evil purposes. There are some websites and YouTube channels about lock bumping. So it becomes easier to learn it and spreading vastly. So it is needed to know about its vulnerability.

Now you know what 999 key is and how does it work. So you can use it in need. And take proper steps to prevent lock bumping. Be safe and stay secure!