What is a Corduroy Hat & Why You Need One?

The Corduroy hat means a hat that was made by truly vintage textile of cotton or cotton-mix fabric. It is made from the finest twisted fibers and woven. Corduroy is so durable and soft. Corduroy is using since the 18th century. You can use a corduroy hat with trousers, skirts, shirts, suits, dresses, caps and jackets. Let’s talk about why you need a corduroy hat?

Why you need a corduroy hat

I will tell you some advantages specifically for why you need one

  • It’s soft
  • It’s a durable hat
  • Easy to clean
  • You can wear it anywhere and anytime
  • It looks comfortable with every dress
  • Affordable
  • Stainless
  • Easy to fit

Handling of Corduroy Hats

Correct handling will prolong the life of your Corduroy hat. The first rule is never to touch your hat with dirty or oily hands, especially if it’s one of the American flag hats. This is the quickest way to ruin a hat. Always take your hat under the crown, to keep the shape of the brims intact.

When you are not using it, put it down so that its natural shape does not change. In particular, avoid that the flaps are folded or that there is an excessive weight on the crown.

At the end of each season, you should take the same care with your hat as you do with your other clothing. Ideally, a hat should be placed in a box protected from dust and moisture, as well as from extreme temperatures and exposure to the sun. With proper treatment, a hat will continue to be beautiful and a source of pride in any collection or on any head, for years to come

Cleaning and removing stains

man wearing warm clothes and a corduroy hat image

To remove dust from a hat, use a soft brush. A rigid brush may tear the fabric. When brushing a hat, always do it in the same direction. A damp towel can also be used to remove dust. Gently rub the wet towel in a circular anti-clockwise motion on the surface to quickly remove dust. For stubborn stains, the brush will not reach; use an anti-stain spray (dry cleaning) for delicate fabrics.

How to clean a corduroy hat

Corduroy is a terry fabric usually made of cotton with textured vertical stripes or “ribs”. It is very resistant and ideal for long-term use; however, it requires routine cleaning. If it is left dirty for a long time, the spaces between the “ribs” in the fabric can accumulate dust and dirt. The different texture of the stripes on the material is more susceptible to accumulate and present dirt, dust, hair, and other particles than other fabrics, which leads to the need for frequent cleaning.

Step 1

Check for stains on clothing that needs local treatment. Dilute the washing powder in cold water in a two by two ratio to create a paste, which you can apply directly to the stains. If using liquid soap, wipe it with a cloth or cotton swab. Gently massage the soap into the stained area and then rinse in cold water.

Step 2

Fill a sink or basin with enough water to fully immerse the piece of velvet you want to wash. If the piece to be washed is dark, use cold water. Light colors need hot water. Add 1/5 cup of soap.

Step 3

Turn the garment inside out to avoid fading the textured pattern. Dip the garment in the water.

Step 4

Thoroughly massage the clothes with your fingertips to loosen dirt and other particles. Do this throughout the piece.

Step 5

Rinse the laundry soap with warm water and let the garment dry in the wind on a hanger or clothesline.

Types of Corduroy

Orange corduroy material image

Corduroy is a crinkled and sturdy fabric used to make sturdy clothing. The most striking feature of this kind of fabric is the ridges that can be of varying widths. Although corduroy was originally made with cotton, it is often mixed with polyester for a different feel. Often manufacturers make it purely from polyester or wool; however, when made with materials other than cotton, the characteristic ranges are not as prominent. 

Corduroy comes in various types, and the classification depends on the number of ridges found per inch. These ridges are called wales, and they run vertically down the fabric. The lower the number of wales, the thicker the ridges will be. The higher the wale number, the more ridges you will find, and they will be much finer. 

Pinwale Corduroy

Pinwale corduroy has around 21 wales meaning there are many small ridges. This makes it perfect to use for children’s clothing and can also be used for sewing soft toys because it is easier to work with. Such material is also very soothing to the touch, which is why it is used in the soft toy industry. 

Standard Corduroy

On average standard corduroy has 11 wales, but you can find anywhere between 8 to 14 whales. Standard corduroy is mainly used to make clothing items. 

Elephant Corduroy

Elephant corduroy gets its name from the distinctive folds of this fabric, which causes it to look similar to an elephant’s skin. Elephant corduroy has thick and big cords, meaning its wale value is very low. Typically this corduroy type has a 1.5 to 6 wale value. Due to the small number of wales, this elephant corduroy is considered to be much warmer than other kinds. This makes it a popular material for making heavy winter clothes such as coats and thick jumpers.  

Pigment Coloured Corduroy

Pigment-colored corduroy is a special type of corduroy because it goes through a dyeing process that uses pigment dyes to color the material. The dyes are usually applied to the fabric’s surface before cutting and sewing. 


Since corduroy is a thick and sturdy material, it is perfect for making hats. Corduroy hats are not only durable and soft, but they are also affordable and can make any outfit look stylish. One of the biggest reasons why people choose Corduroy hats is because of how easy it is to clean.