What is a pinterest video downloader?


Pinterest is an online social media platform which provides unlimited free images,videos and gifs about all those which you want.But if you want to download them there is no download link available on pinterest.Here,you require a download manager to download your favorite data which could be accessible to pinterest.I am going to tell you about Pinterest Video Downloader which is the top video downloader with advanced tools available on pintodown.com.It is the  best source to download files from pinterest.You can download your favorites videos in mp4 720p high quality and all your images,gifs in your desired quality.

Pinterest Video Downloader is simple,fast and secure online tool.You will be able to use it on your smartphone,windows,tablets,Iphones and on laptops.You can choose your quality when you select downloading.It supports all the formats of mp3 and mp4 like as 240p,360p,480p,720p and 1080p.Simple and easy method is provided by app.If you are worried about how to download,you will guided step by step here with simple and easy process.

How to download the Pinterest files (videos,images and gifs)?

Pinterest video downloader is the simple and easy online tool which specially works for Pinterest files downloading.Which is completely free and secure.You can not approach to download files directly from the website of pinterest.Here,this tool will work definitely.You just go to site of Pinterest,copy required link,paste it on your Pinterest video downloader’s paste button,select quality and start.

Downloading steps

1. Open Pinterest site and copy your favorite file link

Open Pinterest site and copy your favorite file link

2. Go to Pinterest video downloader and paste link into download bar

Go to Pinterest video downloader and paste link into download bar

3. Press download button and select quality you want

Press download button and select quality you want

4. Click to download again and it will start.

You can use it on your smartphone and pc.Simple steps are also for pc.You need to install it on your phone but on Pc you go to its site,Paste link,select quality and download starts.After downloading it will save your file at selected location.Which you can watch later.


1. This video downloader is completely free and secure.

2. Easy downloading process and simple method to use.

3. No registration needed and one click option to download your favorite files.

4. Supports all the formats such as mp3 and high quality video resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does it convert videos to another format?

Ans.Yes,It converts videos to Mp3 and all other formats.Also supports all required qualities.

Does it harm our device?

Ans.No, it doesn’t harm the device and saves your device from junk and malwares.

Does it work in the background while downloading files?

Ans.Yes,it definitely works in the background when you are using your smartphone for another purpose.


All the features given above are tested and easy to use.And this video downloader is my favourite.If you want to download this amazing tool it is available on pintodown.com.It depends on your behalf which gadget is compatible for you But it works on all gadgets.It provides all quickly and enjoyable tools.Now,you are able to enjoy its features.

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