What Is a White Label Software Solution?


White labeling is a practice that has existed for quite a while now, yet not many people (or even entrepreneurs) are aware about it.

If you’re here for an explanation, stick with us till the end to get a better understanding of what a white label software solution is, what advantages it offers, and some examples of reliable white label software providers.

What Is White Label Software?

White label software consists of a suite of non-branded solutions that you can purchase and rebrand as your own.

Think of it the same way you’d think about ghost writing. Someone can write their own story, put it up for sale, and then rewrite the parts that the client wants to be rewritten. Afterward, the client purchases the story and releases the story as their own.

It’s the same process with white label software. You can find companies that offer white label solutions for your needs and give you the permission to brand them as your own. Say, for example, you wanted a simple app for your pizza restaurant. The provider already has a ready-made software that they can then customize with your menus, logo, and brand identity. It’s as simple as that.

Where and When Do White Label Software Solutions Come In Handy?

The internet has changed quite a lot in recent years. Websites were the main focus a while back, but since the rise of HTML5 and user-friendly smartphones, things have turned almost completely over the head.

Now, people spend about 90% of their time on a smartphone using apps, instead of using a browser (even though mobile browsers have gotten almost as efficient as their desktop counterparts).

As such, having an app for your business is almost always necessary at this point. Think about the most popular brands out there. All of them have at least one app that they constantly promote both on Apple’s and Google’s app stores and on social media as well. But building an app from scratch is tedious and requires a big team of proficient programmers.

The same thing goes for practically anything that uses software. Banks, for example, have been using white label software for their ATMs for years now. Same goes for travel agencies, medical equipment manufacturers, marketing companies, and many, many more.

Examples of White Label Software Providers

What Is a White Label Software Solution

To make things easier for you, we’re researched the web for providers that offer white label software solutions for a couple of popular business types. That way, you can check out the price for each one, how customizable they are, and if it’s the right thing for your company’s brand.

Weblium White Label Software

Weblium’s white label solution is targeted towards people who run or plan on creating their own digital marketing and/or design agency.

They have comprehensive solutions that allow communication between different marketing departments, as well as tools for design, cloud hosting, and much more that come in handy for marketers.

AppInstitute White Label Solution

For small businesses that need an app to let users browse their products and services, sell stuff, or simply give out loyalty points, AppInstitute has a simple to use white label solution.

The only downside to its simplicity is that it’s… well, simple. If you need a more comprehensive solution for a huge company, you’re better off trying your luck elsewhere. But for SMBs, it’s worth a shot.

Betconstruct White Label Casino Software

If you’re looking to create your own sports book or iGaming platform, you can use this casino software from Betconstruct.

It allows the casino owner to view stats, provide players with numerous payment options, allow them to bet on their favorite teams, matches, and just about anything a modern-day iGaming platform would require.

Tune SaaS white label software

SaaS platforms are used by big companies to manage all sorts of business processes. Often times, they are difficult to use, and creating such a platform can be even more tedious.

However, Tune’s White Label Solution makes things relatively easy. The platform’s ease of customization is one of the big selling points that made so many companies want to join in.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a ready-made software solution that looks as if it was made by you, then going the white label route is an excellent choice.

It’s sometimes cheaper than building your own, or, at the very least, you won’t have to waste the programming team’s time with months on end of creating an application or platform from scratch.

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