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What Is A White Label Sportsbook?

Online gambling has two dimensions — casino entertainment and betting on sports. Both are supported by countless websites, and the competition in the industries is fierce. For sportsbooks, the profit potential is undeniable. They can enter the market quickly, without substantial investment. This is possible thanks to the so-called white label systems.

Are you thinking of creating your own website? This may not be necessary, as you can get a fully functional site on a turnkey basis. For example, the Altenar software for betting comes with all the necessary features, so you can market it freely under your brand. The same website may see thousands of bets on hundreds of events daily, with casino games added to the mix. These are just some benefits.

1.  A Ready-Made Powerful Solution

Even people with a vague understanding of website development will not expect an excellent product in a week. Usually, building from scratch takes months. You need to hire a team of tech professionals who will research your needs, design the layout, build the front end and back end, provide regular updates, test the system, etc.

Compare this with the experience of white label bookies. They do not need to select the right features, go through lengthy testing stages, etc. All the essentials come with the platform, which is ready for launch.

2.  Adjustable Features

Well-established providers sell their software to different brands, which is why some betting websites may look similar. This shows their owners are lazy, as the systems are also highly customizable — you can stand out from the crowd by adjusting the layout to your vision.

Meanwhile, the startup costs are minimized, and the software skeleton is a proven solution. If you want to engage both dimensions of gambling — casino games and sports events — it is a breeze. Businesses can add or remove features as they see fit, following their evolving aesthetic vision and strategy.

3.  Simple Licensing

Licensing and legal costs are a major hurdle for emerging businesses. At the same time, this is another selling point for white label developers. As a customer, you do not have to hire any lawyers to deal with paperwork.  iGambling developers can offer licensing services, too!

4.  Lower Risks

A high-quality sportsbook comes with around-the-clock support. Whether you purchase or lease the software, you can always contact the team. It monitors your visitors’ behavior continuously to exclude foul play.

5.  Secure Payments

White Label Sportsbook

All the popular payment services will also be integrated. Today, bettors want a wide spectrum of channels, from credit cards to transfers to electronic wallets. White label developers are responsive to their needs.

Shortcut to Launch

Turnkey sports books eliminate multiple hurdles, allowing businesses to launch their bookie sites quickly and easily. The rapid spreading of these solutions is hardly surprising. The only drawback is that many competitors now offer similar features. In this industry, you should be creative to look different.

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