What Is Alitools and Should You Use It?


Alitools is an Aliexpress Chrome Extension that collects information about various product details. Its inventory holds data on product price changes, seller ratings, and reviews on the product pages. It takes the extra step to show similar products on Aliexpress.

Customers are recommended to use Alitools when evaluating sellers on Aliexpress. This is useful to individual shoppers and customers who source the items as dropshippers. Since Aliexpress has gathered vital data from 2014, Alitools is one of the greatest free Aliexpress price tracker extensions.

So if you’re new to dropshipping or just shopping on Aliexpress as a novice, you should consider this free service to make the best of the available deals. Check out alitools.io/en/features/aliexpress-image-search to sign up for your free image search service! Let’s continue reading to understand all the services Alitools has to offer.

Aliexpress picture search

How often do chrome extensions come with a product image search? If you want to start a dropshipping business, you will have to do a ton of research, and this little add-on will save you a lot of time.

When you find a great product to buy or sell on ecommerce websites or social media, all you have to do is use the Alitools‘ Product Search Button! This will show you all the similar, available items on Aliexpress via the browser extension. In fact, you can get the same product by hovering the cursor on the image and selecting ‘Finding in AliExpress.’

This step will show you a list of suppliers on AliExpress who are selling the same or similar products. What about the alternatives? They are sorted by price and popularity for your benefit.

Now, before you take your pick of the lot, reach for the most economical and bulk choice. This way, you can optimize your profits when you resell the items while ensuring the dependability of the seller. You will find more orders, reviews, and star ratings, so you know the overall product and vendor reviews.

Looking for parallels

Assuming you have already figured out what you want to sell online. In fact, the product is available on AliExpress, but what if the vendor doesn’t fulfill your criteria? For instance, the vendor doesn’t deliver to your location or offer some or any AliExpress services. This is where Alitools comes to save you.

Alitools helps analyze a seller by giving you a list of related products and other options to choose from. All of this is done with one simple click, and it saves you so much time!

The ‘Similar’ button in the Alitools bar on the bottom-left section of the product page is the one simple click to see similar products. The list you see will have been vetted for dependability, reviews, and other aspects that make the sellers stand out. What makes these choices easier for you is using the ‘Sort by’ filter to customize your options.

This tool also helps dropshippers by letting them know if their desired products have changed prices or if the items are selling out. They can easily switch suppliers to avoid product cancellations and other charges.

Alibaba merchants use Alitools

Alitools assesses vendors based on internal metrics and provides thorough descriptions to help you make the best choice. Buying anything from this website is a wise choice. It may help you decide whether or not to keep buying from the chosen merchant.

The Aliexpress extension finds and offers users genuine product reviews, and the photographs will allow users to view the product more attentively.

Finding the best deals and tracking orders

Do you need a one-stop shop to help you track orders and notify when a status changes? Alitools is your answer! It allows you to keep track of your client’s packages at all times.

We also know that Aliexpress offers items at an extremely low price, and Alitools comes with a pricing tracking plugin! This way you can obtain the best goods at a reasonable price.

Simply click on the Price button on the Alitools bar to see previous prices. The heart button on the Alitools extension bar will shortlist the products that need to go in the tracking list. If you want to see them on a single page, click on ‘Products’ on the Alitools icon in your browser extensions bar.

Furthermore, the ‘History’ column above the products section will save your entire online shopping history. Helping the customers compare prices and seller ratings on items you’ve previously looked at.


That’s it! These amazing Alitools features will certainly help you in your dropshipping operations or improve your Aliexpress shopping experience. Finding in-demand items on the marketplace you wish to sell is crucial to product research.

That’s why, when it comes to dropshipping, we always suggest newcomers start with AliExpress. One of the key reasons is that the Aliexpress Chrome extension is easy to use and saves so much time!

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