What Is an Escape Room? 7 Reasons Why You Need to Try One


Are you wondering what is an escape room? If yes, click here to learn what they are and several reasons why you should give one a try.

Ever heard about escape rooms? It’s almost impossible to avoid advertisements for them. There are online ads and billboard ads in every city nowadays.

But what is an escape room? What are escape rooms like?

No need to worry, we’ll explain it all for you below. Read our guide here and discover how they work and why you should give them a try.

The Older Trend

A few years ago nobody talked about escape rooms. Back then, murder mystery dinners were the raging craze.

Nowadays, these games are everywhere. You can even watch a video of the Avengers cast playing in an escape room.

What Is an Escape Room?

What is an escape room? They’re puzzle rooms wherein you and your friends get locked inside.

The goal is to solve a series of puzzles to find the right key and get out. Most escape rooms have a theme and a time limit.

But are escape rooms fun and why give them a try? Let’s discuss a few reasons below:

1. Train Your Brain

One of the main reasons you should try an escape room is the fact they exercise your brain. Puzzles keep the brain active and these rooms require a lot of logical thinking.

2. Get Cooperative

Ever played an MMO video game or Dungeons and Dragons? Those games remain popular to this day because they’re social activities. You can’t play without some friends.

Escape rooms ( even the one you can play at home ) offer a similar experience. You have to work together, whether with friends or strangers, to solve the puzzles and escape. It’s a great way to socialize.

3. Experience an Interactive Thrill

Most escape rooms have a time limit. You won’t get punished for not solving the puzzles and the game managers will still let you out but who doesn’t want to win, right? There’s a sudden rush of emotions and excitement that you normally don’t get with physical games.

4. Enhance Your Communication Skills

Given that escape rooms require you to work with others, they’re amazing opportunities to practice your communication skills. These might be great games to help people with autism or depression since they encourage socializing and cooperative play.

5. Be the Hero!

Another reason why escape rooms are so fun is the fact you get to be the hero. You’re not a passive viewer. This time around, you and your friends or family are the ones directly involved with the plot and activities.

6. Get Some Physical Activity

There’s nothing wrong with video games and tabletop games but sometimes, you need to go out and get physical. Sure, escape rooms focus primarily on puzzles but they require you to move around. You need to inspect every object and check out every corner for clues.

7. Perfect for Team Building

Looking to help your employees or students work better together? You need a fun team-building activity.

Escape rooms easily fit the bill. Their focus on social and cooperative play makes them the ideal game to get your staff familiar with each other. This strengthens their bond and can help improve production at the workplace.

Try an Escape Room Today!

What is an escape room? At their core, they’re interactive puzzle scenarios wherein you and your friends are the players. It’s all about solving each puzzle to get out of the room or maze.

With all these benefits, why not try one out? If you need more information or looking for other activities, feel free to read our other posts here today!

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