What is an Oscilloscope and its Uses?


The oscilloscope has come a long way since it was originally developed. Now used as an important device for electrical testing, there are many different types you can invest in. From basic models to high-end oscilloscopes, each has its own unique uses and benefits.

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about modern oscilloscopes. Discover what they are, how they are used and their benefits in electrical engineering.

What is an oscilloscope?

Oscilloscopes are considered an important tool for engineers and electronic testers. They detect and analyse waveforms which allows engineers to see any potential faults in equipment.

Their name comes from their ability to view oscillations. Original models were bulky, but the newer ones boast a much smaller and easier to use design. There are also different types of oscilloscopes, including digital and analogue models. The type you’ll want to invest in will depend upon your budget and the type of application they’ll be used for.

What are they used for?

The main role of an oscilloscope is to show waveforms on a display. This enables you to see how the electrical circuit is operating. The great thing about these devices is that they can be used across a wide range of industries. The medical sector can use them to measure brain waves, while those working within auto repairs can use them to correlate analogue data. As for the types of measurements they can take, they include:

  • Voltage
  • Rise time and pulse width
  • Frequency and time
  • Phase shift

They are also commonly used on assembly lines to test electrical components. The sheer number of industries and applications they can be used within makes them one of the most important measuring devices in engineering.

Understanding the benefits of modern oscilloscopes

There are a lot of great benefits you can experience through using modern oscilloscopes. The digital types enable you to analyse signals within real time, letting you assess a large volume of data. They also allow you to analyse high frequency transients.

Even the cheaper analogue oscilloscopes can provide reasonable performance and they don’t require the acquisition of memory to perform measurements. The analogue varieties are considered best for hobbyists and beginners, while digital oscilloscopes are best for businesses.

Their role in electrical engineering

Without oscilloscopes, the electrical engineering sector wouldn’t be the same. It is partly thanks to these devices that modern electronics work as well as they do. The devices sold by RS Components are widely used in modern engineering, particularly by European leaders like Germany.

Germany has been a world leader for technological and engineering innovations for decades. Its automotive sector has consistently been seen as one of the best in the world, and engineers from far and wide flock to the country for the opportunities available.

Overall, oscilloscopes have a wide range of uses and are especially important in terms of testing electrical products. They help countries like Germany, release only the best quality electrical goods onto the market. If your business hasn’t implemented these clever devices yet, now is the time to consider doing so.

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